By: Dr. Gwen Smith

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Are you clueless about how your hobby or passions can support your lifestyle? This is an interview with Aunyx Burrell, a self-made entrepreneur who took her passion and hobby to a full time business supporting her lifestyle. In this episode Aunyx describes her journey of following her intuition to leaving college and all the associated debts to pursuing her passions and following her heart.

There are many inspirational nuggets in this interview that I know will inspire a lot of women who may be stuck doing their jobs and not knowing how to make the break and what to do.

The following topics are covered at the identified timelines during the interview.

Following her plan to pursue her passions 8:00

Your intuitive internal Guide 9:00

Choosing what’s right for you 11:30

What happened to Aunyx when she didn’t follow her intuition 15:45

When Aunyx made her decision and what influenced her choice 18:25

Important questions to ask when choosing to follow your passions 19:15

The answer to the question 20:30

How Aunyx decided to enter the soap making business 21:25

The final comment that led her to following her passions 25:05

A surprise result only 4 months later! 26:00

Some steps to consider in getting yourself started 28:32

Preparations needed 33:32

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