By: Dr. Gwen Smith

In the next series of blogs we will focus our attention on businesses and what you can do as a parent, single or not, to generate income from home. There may be several reasons for wanting to do a home-based business. For one, it affords the flexibility of working around your children’s schedules so that you can be more present for them when they are home. Secondly, and less frequently thought about, it can help to build a Plan B residual income that could turn into full time income in the future. In the next four years, 64% of businesses will be home-based.

The ideal way in running a home based business is creating one that will pay you over time for work that is done just one time: residual income. There are many ways to do this, and network marketing is one of those ways. Income earners in network marketing have no limits on their income and finding a good referral-based product is an excellent way to get started. Despite all the great opportunities and tax advantages associated with a home-based business, it is not for everyone. For single parents, working from home can be a great option though presenting some challenges, which to me, are far less than having to work outside the home in the same circumstances.

If you choose to work from home, there are some options presented below, to help jog your mind about what may be possible:

Child Care Facility

You can run a child care facility from your home. Many parents, even those with school age children, may appreciate knowing that a trusted neighbor is watching over their child. Your child would have playmates and you would also be making money. Some states require licensing for this and checking into the licensing requirements may be a great place to begin.

Virtual Assistant or Freelancer

Any of your office experience can qualify you to be a virtual assistant or freelancer. You can sometimes pick up a former employer as a client in this situation. Having known you and your work ethic, they may be more than willing to hire you as a virtual assistant. You’ll be responsible for a variety of tasks mostly computer-related work. Being able to work a flexible schedule around the schedule of your children is important. There are also several virtual sites to look at:,,, etc.

Social Media Expert

With today’s explosive social media presence, and lots of small emerging businesses, there is a need to have people who are knowledgeable about creating an online presence for businesses in social media. This job is ideal for the work at home mom. You will set up pages for businesses on social media sites. You will then update these sites daily, every other day, weekly or however the business wishes for you to do it.

Building Websites

A plethora of small businesses are in need of websites. Many businesses pay large sums to have their websites built. You can easily learn to do this in your spare time and make some money. Try a site such as to gather knowledge about topics that you want to learn more about.


These days are simply not over! There are lots of brides and bridal parties requiring custom work for their bridal party dresses and suits. Being able to provide this service is great. You can also provide repair services for zippers, and other parts of garments. You can charge something like $5-10 per pair to hem pants or $10 per skirt etc. Call or stop by your local thrift stores and offer to mend clothing at a reasonable fee. Also a great place to offer your services may be dry cleaning facilities and consignment stores. You may find you have a lot of work available to you.


Becoming a mentor to teen moms may be a very fulfilling experience, and you can possibly seek grants to help you do this and pay you for your time. Teaching your mothers how to be a good take care of their children can be a fulfilling activity. There are many programs looking for good role models to work with young mothers.

Tutoring Services

Being a former teacher, or if you’re really good in a specific subject may open up for you an opportunity to tutor. Leave your card or flyer with local home schooling associations, school districts, colleges, libraries and homes. You may find you have more business than you know what to do with.

Music Lessons

Teaching students (children or adults) how to play a musical instrument is yet another way to start a home-based business. Many parents pay up to $50 per hour for these lessons. Most areas vary from $25 but more advanced lessons cost more. Working from home takes determination and energy but it can be very rewarding not just for you, but also for your children.

Network Marketing

Starting your own network marketing business is a great way to have income even if you hold a full time job. It can simply be a Plan B to get you started. Everyone knows the power of residual income, and the opportunity it presents to building your dreams working on your own terms, and not having to show up every day for the rest of your life to get paid. Have you considered what would happen to you and your children if you were not able to go to work and get paid? A great company with the right products in the right industry is the answer. Here’s one that I have gotten involved with, and I am truly honored to present to you. It has an amazing compensation plan and wonderful leaders to team with: here.
In reading through this list, take the time to reflect on what you think is the right area for you. Do your research, examine all the facts and information, then choose powerfully how you will take on starting your very own home-based business.

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