By: Gwen Smith
Life’s struggles remind me of the process a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. In the process, the caterpillar uses the trash around to spin itself into a cocoon. The process involves a lot of struggles. And, finally, in the end, through the process of enormous struggling, out of the cocoon emerges a beautiful butterfly with strong wings to fly. Helping the butterfly out of the cocoon leads to eventual death, as the process of development is not complete and is compromised.
I look at the experience of the butterfly from two perspectives: (1) for what I am developing to become (2) for empowering others to become their best selves by supporting them in going through their struggles.
In my personal life, I see struggles as a process for the evolution of the beauty within me. On the other side of those battles and struggles, I emerge as someone who understands the struggles and the needs others are going through, having been there myself. I use those experiences to touch the lives of others to lighten their journey so that they too can endure their struggles knowing there is a brighter tomorrow once they have successfully emerged.
A perspective for those who are in charge of others: children, loved ones, workers, etc. Life’s greatest moments can be found when we allow others to live their lessons and to learn from them without always coming to their rescue from the very circumstance which may be intended to help them blossom. It is a thin line, and as long as life and death is not at stake, we really should empower others to go through their experiences. In not doing so, we may be doing them a great favor.
What are your struggles and what are you enduring at the moment? Who can you help to develop to become their best selves by allowing them to live through the experiences of their own struggles?
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