By: Dr. Gwen Smith

From as early as the time when we started reasoning we’ve had mental conflicts that seem to cripple our actions from time to time.

Not one of us is immune. No matter the level of training or enlightenment that we have achieved, we’ve all experienced some level of conflict between our ‘heads’ and our ‘hearts’. Whether or not we move forward depends on the approach used to address the internal conflicts.

Before looking at some of these approaches, let’s define ‘head’ and ‘heart’ to ensure that we remain in the same discussion.

The Head

 This is the consciousness and source of processing current information. It’s our thinking processes.


We often think that we are using our consciousness to arrive at solutions, when in fact those decisions are arrived at using data embedded in our subconscious minds.

In your consciousness you’ll find your will power, the rationale you use to justify your actions and your analytical responses. Whereas your subconscious mind controls your habits, strategies, impulses and physiological controls.

The Heart

There have been varied interpretations of ‘heart’. Consequently it’s important to clarify what is meant here in this discussion. The heart is synonymous with our subconscious minds. These terminologies mean the same thing in our discussion. It’s important to note that your subconscious, in the presence of negative emotional energies that you have trapped, can create an inverse reaction to what you are seeking even when it is good for you.

Quite miraculously, however, it has the ability to tap into Universal Source knowledge, providing a clear path for healing you and your emotional experiences in life. I very often  and consistently use this approach to help clients release trapped energies that cause missed goals, desires, conflict and even physical pain.

Conflicts between Your Conscious and Your Subconscious Minds

Let’s look at an example of an internal conflict and the typical sources of it. If you are in a situation where you have a life altering decision to make, let’s say to get married to a ‘wonderful’ (your conscious mind has concluded this) significant other. You’ve known this person for quite some time. Everyone speaks highly about him or her. It’s all great and positive feedback all around. Your conscious mind is fully on board and think it will be good for you in the long run.

Despite this however, you have some insecurities about something you are not currently aware of. It’s just a dull underlying sense that something may be off, or that something has not been addressed. You just can’t seem to identify why you’re not feeling completely elated about the decision. In fact, you are simply fearful about opening your heart more by entering into this relationship.

In this scenario your heart, your deepest subconscious emotion,  is at odds with your conscious thoughts about this person. You are not aware of the source of the conflict and consequently you have guarded feelings instead of sheer ecstasy. This is a more common senario of conflict than most may be aware of.

This emotional conflict (energy) could be arising from two sources.

  • It could be a vicarious source. Meaning you absorbed the energy from having watched other close friends’ or relatives’ marriages end up in disaster. You may subconsciously hold the thought that this is norm and your system is naturally rejecting that outcome.
  • It could be an energy that trapped somewhere along in life. Maybe you’ve had several horrible relationships, or have been the victim of abuse, or you may have even inherited an energy, that is contributing to this feeling of impending relationship disaster.

The amazing thing to keep in mind is that niether one of those sources result in a permanent state of conflict. Work can be done to have them relieved in an extremely short period of time. This alternative is favorable over undergoing years of therapy, which may result in a better state of mind, but typically leaves the emotions in place as a sitting time bomb.

The subconscious mind will keep signaling that something likely needs to be addressed until that energy is cleared and gone.

Energies get trapped continuously when we fail to process our emotions completely. We often are totally oblivious to the presence of these energies, however they do not fail to manifest themselves in other ways. These trapped energies also sabotage our best efforts, creating anxiety, conflicts, hopelessness, despair and a range of emotions that plague our lives consistently. They may also result in botched relationships and unsuccessful attempts at even achieving your goals in life.

How Can You Overcome the Internal Conflicts?

In general there are three recommendations to overcoming the conflicts that occur internally:

  1. The first thing is that you need to release and step away. Often times fogginess of mind is a result of information overload and overwhelm. You may be trying to solve every minute detail without having much clarity. Stepping away allows free thoughts to flow. You can listen to some music, take a long walk, go dancing, watch a movie or just simply take a break in some remote quiet place. Relax and rest your mind and often times the answer will come to you by not thinking constantly about a solution.
  2. Process the emotions that are showing up. When we have feelings that are not warm and fuzzy our tendency is to dismiss them immediately and to get busy. Instead welcoming the uncomfortable emotion and sitting with it, sending loving energies to the place we feel it in our bodies and just being with it until it dissipates, is the best way to process emotions and keep them from getting trapped.
  3. Seek a qualified spiritual, energy life-coach who can help to identify those hidden trapped  emotions, whether inherited, absorbed or self-created, and release them in minutes giving you the freedom you need to move forward in your life.

For the example cited above, the energy release may help you to see clearly what was not seen before. This clearing could result in your decision to not move forward in the relationship, as well as it could. You’ll be making that decision from a much healthier place in your life.

From that space too, you will be ready to listen to the clarity of your heart and make decisions that enhance your experiences and impact your desired results.

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  1. Chasity Williams

    Wow, this is completely true! I was stressed about where I should be by now in my life and just yesterday I detached from the specific outcome and had a breakthrough in my emotions!

  2. Admin

    This is so fantastic to hear Chasity! Seems like you have been doing some great work too.


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