I encounter a number of people who are searching for happiness as they seem to helplessly scramble through the details of their lives, stressing over their immediate circumstances and thereby increasing their anguish and pain.

My heart aches.

I see them not just on the streets as I go about my routines; I also see them on my social media feeds. They are searching, not knowing that the answer is already there with them.

They go to “happy hour” and bury themselves in drugs, alcohol or excessive social engagements to mute the pain so they wont have to face it.

It seems that happiness is for the very few, and what they don’t realize is that accessing it, requires only a simple formula, so very simple. In fact, it’s so simple that some will likely dismiss it as having no weight,  or they will move on to something that takes more effort and work, thereby continuing to miss out.

In my practice, I deal with amazing clients who trust me to guide and empower their lives to finding happiness; whatever it is for them. Sometimes a relationship, sometimes their business or career and sometimes, just simply in living their lives free from emotional pain.

There’s nothing that brings me greater joy and pleasure than seeing their lives transformed and receiving their emails, voicemails or text messages about most recent transformations.

Take for example the latest one I got:

“The sessions that I have with you open my eyes, increase my wisdom and help me to realize that I can do anything. I am so happy. I feel good. I love to feel this way. A big thank you to you!”

This client was finally happy to have success in her business and to see her dreams of starting and building a business come to reality. She had zero confidence that she could do it before. She finally declared, “You know, we are the ones who stop ourselves!” What a discovery!!

For others, just knowing that ‘seeing the light at the end of the tunnel’ sometimes relates to how they view and interpret their current circumstances; and that by having a positive outlook, being grateful and trusting, they can realize great relief and freedom in their lives now, that presents daily transformations that inspire them.

It’s not magic, yet this evades so many. I used to be among the many.

I couldn’t help but share a reflection of what my life is like on one of my latest Facebook Live casts because I was feeling so grateful for it. It hasn’t always been this way. There were many episodes of up moments and down moments and I was at the mercy of my circumstances, daily.

Now I can truly say that I have found a way to make the up moments more frequent and the down moments last just for only a few moments and they don’t come as often, unless I violate one of the principles. But, when they do, I am nevertheless grateful for the lessons they bring. They help to inspire even more transformations.

I am truly grateful and happy each and every day.

In this video, I share three secrets that I observe daily which keep my life humming beautifully. No, I don’t have all my goals met; I never will, because I seem to create them daily as I surpass old ones 🙂; and even so, some of my current goals are still evolving.

Nevertheless, I feel peace and bubbly joy continually overflowing inside. You too can experience the same.

Watch this video to learn about the three secrets to my happiness:

Friends I know that the process is not a simple one especially in the face of immediate challenges, insecurities and emotional pain. I’ve had all of the above, and have even shared some in myAmazon #1 Bestselling book: Peace Power Profits: Why You Don’t Have It, How To Get It

I would love to support you in your empowerment over emotional issues: self-limiting beliefs, fears, anger and griefs to allow you to get to a place of emotional freedom and peace.

Investment in your freedom.CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW NOW, TO SCHEDULE a session with me.

May peace and joy be your experience throughout the year.

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