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By: Dr. Gwen Smith


Id like you to take inventory of your results today. Results you have in your career or business, in your love life and other relationships, or just in life in general. Do you feel that you have the results you’d like to see, or that you are making steady progress towards your goals?


The truth of the matter is that you’ll always have another goal that you are working towards, even if it is to enhance your well-being or spirituality. As living beings we participate in the cycle of increase. This means we are always evolving.


You will probably never get to a place where you feel that everything in all areas of your life is just the way you want it. You’ll always want to have or be more or even to give more. And, before you discount what I am saying, just reflect and understand that ‘more’ is not always material either. 


“More” involves every aspect of your being: spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional. So you can be always completely satisfied with one area of your life, and the next goal could be something else that you’d like to transform in any of the areas above.


Having established this understanding, Id like to return to the original question: Are you satisfied with where you are or that you are making the best progress you feel you can make given your goal that you’re trying to achieve?


If your answer is no, which for some people it will be, I’d like to ask you to deeply reflect on the next question:


Could it be that you are trapped in a bubble of procrastination and need to break out of so you can feel satisfied?


Over the last few weeks I’ve shared with you some experiences that cause procrastination and the first thing needed to confront it: Redefining yourself and who you want to show up as.


Once you’ve redefined yourself, however, there are steps that you’ll need to take to set yourself up for finally curing your procrastination.


Listen to my latest Facebook Live Video that will give you some strategies to finally cure your procrastination:



Some of the software discussed in the video can be found here:

Rescue Time: https://www.rescuetime.com/

Get Focusd: https://goo.gl/iiLWfS


Finally, being aware of the types of results that you are having requires that you are able to accurately assess each step. Asking the right questions will get you looking in the right places so the answers you get provide new directions for advancing your goals.


Here are a few questions that may be useful to the process:

  1. What actions have/are you taken/taking towards your goal?
  2. Are you on track with your goal?
  3. Are actions and results advancing you towards your goal?


If your answers suggest that you are on track, then asking “How you can take your results to an epic level?” Will allow you to go above and beyond your expectations.


The one thing you must always remember to do is to reward your progress at each step of the way. Remember that in every way each step you take and each success you celebrate is helping to build your success muscle to cure your procrastination.


I’d love to support you with a FREE session that will help you to


  • Have a crystal clear vision of exactly what you want, where you’re headed and what you need to do to make it happen
  • Uncover challenges and hurdles that may be sabotaging your ability to make lasting changes, or that are slowing down your progress
  • Be renewed, re-energized and inspired to finally achieve the change you seek- once and for all.


If you’d like to take advantage, click below to schedule and answer the brief questionnaire:

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