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Do you find yourself spinning in circles day after day without achieving the level of results that you need to achieve for your goals? What do you tell yourself about your lack of results? Do you find yourself justifying it, or do you ask yourself clear questions that will allow you to assess what did or did not happen to allow you to be more successful the next time around?

Asking the Right Questions

The types of questions you ask yourself will determine the quality of the responses that you get. Whether or not the responses advance you towards your goal, is an indication of the quality of the questions asked.
For example, if you had a goal that you did not achieve, asking yourself why you did not do achieve it may open up responses that give reasons that provide no data from which to act successfully in the future. Asking yourself what you did or did not do to advance your goal is a more favorable question because it provides an opportunity for you to identify the actions or the lack thereof, to allow you to lay the foundation for acting differently the next time around.
Having a clear picture of the actions that did or did not occur allows you to assess the quality of the actions to see if they were on target or whether or not they need to be adjusted.

Setting Up Goals to Achieve the Results You Really Want

If results are to be meaningful to you and to your mission, your goals will need to be specifically related to your purpose and passions in life. This is important not just in producing targeted results in alignment with your goals, but it’s also valuable to you as an individual in providing motivation to continue to assess and take actions regardless of the size or challenges of the goals.
When you have vested yourself and your purpose in creating a goal that aligns with who you are, your purpose takes on new meaning. Results that are now achieved are expressions of a part of you as they simultaneously provide value to your audience as well. And you are more apt to focus on achieving your goals to obtain your desired results.  

Pre-requisites to Get Results

There are two pre-requisites to achieving the results you want, whether personally in your life, or in your business or other activities. You have to have a strong desire and you have to be in integrity with your commitments.
Desire is the base for which any results will be achieved. It’s great to have, and most people are not lacking here one bit. Most people have a desire for the types of results they’d like to achieve in their lives. In in some cases those desires are high.
In other words if we were to imagine desire on a scale ranging from high to low, most people exist on the high scale of desire.  What’s lacking however is the integrity that they bring to the situation which allows them to remain true to the commitment of having the results they want. So, most people are high on desire but low on integrity. This drives them to take little to no action towards fulfilling on the results they want.
Asking the question what actions were or were not taken, leads to the root of the problem if the desire was not paired with high integrity, producing a lack in action. Recognizing the lack of action as the result of failure to achieve one’s goals is the first step in diagnosing the problem and making a prescription about what should be next.
Integrity means that one is consistent in taking the necessary steps towards his or her commitments regardless of how he or she feels. Getting the desired results involve not just being high on the desire scale, it’s also being high on the integrity scale. This means that long after the excitement of setting the initial goal has worn off, you stay in action to get it accomplished.
This ensures that you are getting results so long as your initial goals are aligned with your mission and they are appropriately broken down into sub-goals leading to the desired results. To have consistent breakthrough results require that a system is set in place to support fulfillment of the goals.

What Else is Needed to Ensure Results?

There are various systems that are beneficial to helping people meet their goals. A simple system such as Google calendar is very helpful. To use this system, it’s best to lay out an hourly schedule to help you stay on track with each step of your goals. You won’t have to use brain power, or waste time daily trying to think of what you’re supposed to be doing next.
Another less structured system is Google Tasks. This allows you to set a due date on the activities. It doesn’t lay out a daily structure for you to follow on an hourly basis, however.
It may be best to use the Tasks for a less structured day—one filled with more interruptions. Having your structure in place allows you to make steady progress towards your goals and hence your desired results. I give you a structure and some success questions that you can download below, which will help you to plan your days as well as guide you in the process of assessing your results.


Stepping out to get the results you want requires that you are continuously assessing and asking the right questions.  If results will impactful to you as with your audience, your goals must be clearly aligned with who you are and what you are about. This produces inspiration to persist in the face of challenges, increasing the likelihood of your having the desired results.
Pre-requisites of getting the results you want are increased desire and high integrity. Without these your results will remain just a dream.
Finally, having a structure in place to support the fulfillment of the goals and to assess your progress is beneficial to producing consistent desired results.
For a free structure to help you achieve your goals and for a list of questions that will guide you towards attaining the results you’d like to see, click the download button.


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