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Mindset development is huge when it comes to achieving anything you want in your life. Have you ever pondered what makes the difference between two people, obviously of similar abilities, backgrounds and experiences?
Have you ever noticed how children raised in the same household with the same parenting background and experiences can turn out quite differently?
The reason is two-fold. First of all every person is an individual and the same parenting approaches don’t necessarily work with all the children in your household. Second, as a derivative of the differences among individuals: people have their own mindset that they bring to each situation.
Given the ACT Breakthrough Cycle of Success Model, everyone can develop break-through in performance if an only if they have two prerequisites as a base: they must want it and they must practice integrity. In a moment we’ll describe the ACT Breakthrough Cycle of Success Model, but first, let’s examine the pre-requisites.

The Desire

It doesn’t require any advanced skills to recognize that without desire, nothing can happen. It’s the desire that first sets one in motion. To change performance outcomes requires recognition of the goal to be achieved along with the desire to achieve it.


Integrity is treating others the way you would treat yourself and treating yourself the way you would treat others. It means to give the same honor to yourself as you would give to others and vice-versa. If ever you fail in achieving your goals, it’s typically because you fail to honor your self-commitments. Somehow you may find yourself honoring deadlines at work, and hopefully honoring your commitments to others.
However, do you find that when it comes to honoring your self-commitments you fall short? Do you tell yourself that you can get around to it another time, yet never do? Do you procrastinate? A typical example is perhaps in your health and wellness goals—to lose weight, or to commit to an exercise program.
Integrity is sticking with the commitment even when you don’t feel like it. This is necessary for breakthrough performance.

What is the ACT Breakthrough Cycle of Success Model?

The model addresses the question:
What attributes are necessary for successful performance?


In this phase clarity and openness are necessary. You have to know what it is that you are after and you’ll need to be open to what shows up. If you aren’t clear about your purpose or the goals for your business or your life, you will not be able to produce outstanding performance because you can’t build a strategy on something that’s not defined. Being open allows you to receive in the midst of all that’s happening
It’s important for you to assess the cause and effects of each action in the cycles. You must also be aware of the voices in your head. This is really huge.
The negative self-talk, the fear of failure and all the blocks you’ve built up are dealt with in this phase. Knowing the strategies to use will most definitely help in overcoming the blocks to move forward. You’ll need to come to grips with the fact that the voices in your head are not reality, and that they were created by you from past experiences in your life. You can just as easily create empowering voices in your head, and with practice, propel yourself past the hurdles that bind you.
There is a 5-DAY challenge that you can participate in to give you further exercises and strategies to address these barriers to success and to get you in motion around the things you are fearful about getting started with. Join the challenge today as you have a limited time to participate.


At this stage all the information that you’ve gathered comes into creation. Every invention first is created in the mind before it becomes a reality. For the transformation that you’d like to see, you’ll need to visualize what it is you want to create, narrowing the possibilities. In doing this, it’s necessary to be true to yourself as well as to others.  Being true to yourself means that whatever you are creating is something that your spirit aligns with. It must be a personal mission of yours to accomplish.
If there is something that you’d like to do that scares you, in this cycle you are now visualizing the actions that you are going to take to get the results that you want. If this is a personal transformation that you’re trying to achieve, you are now examining who you are becoming.
You first create it in your mind, then you commit to doing it. This is where you can get stopped if you haven’t gotten the tools to help you work past the hurdles that show up.
Many people find themselves trapped between this cycle and the first going around in circles and never taking the next step. They go back and forth in their minds and never proceed to the next cycle. Doing the work is important if you are ever to move forward past this cycle.


When one is finally able to move forward to the final cycle he or she is at this point initiating the thoughts. This is where the action happens—creating a structure for executing and then finally executing. This level requires skills of collaborating and corralling community. It’s a leadership phase because one has to be able to discern what’s needed and reach out for the support to achieve it as needed. Having the language to garner buy-in is key to achieving performance transformation.
On an individual level for personal transformation, this requires a constant cycling through awareness, re-creating and transformation. It is a life-long process towards personal growth. Despite that this level of transformation is a personal one, you’ll still need the support of community due to a concept Johari described, which is necessary to understand.

Johari’s Window

Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham (1955) invented the Johari’s window as a means of enhancing inter-personal relationships: sharing and feedback. The concept is based on the premise that by sharing yourself with others and by asking for feedback you can not only build relationships but experience personal enhancements in your life, performance and relationships.
According to the concept you have areas of your life that you cannot see which are unknown or blind spots. By asking others questions about who they perceive you to be or recommendations for improvements, you can find answers to helping you along your personal growth and breakthrough performance goals.
Questions about how they perceive your strengths and weaknesses, or their recommendations to help you become the best person that you can be are valuable. The key is to be open and receptive to whatever the feedback is that you’ll be receiving.


Executing the ACT model is necessary for any success in personal or performance transformation. Cycling frequently through these cycles and staying in integrity with your commitments will ensure that you remain in motion and you’ll be more likely to achieve the goals that once scared  you.

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