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Women are among the 70-80% of US workers who hate their jobs?

Quite a number of women are walking away from their 9-5 jobs to create something new for themselves and their families. With the current statistics that 70-80% of US workers hate their jobs, it’s no wonder. It’s possible that as you read this, you also may be among those. And you may be quite confused about the prospect of owning a business as an alternative to your job. Being confused, however, is not a final destination if you’re serious enough about the thought of escaping the rat race and taking control of your financial future, there’re definitely strong viable options that have brought relief for many women that ought to be considered. Grappling with the realities of your own financial future may be a catalyst to propel you into action.  

The state of your financial affairs

Your financial state matters whether or not you are in the 9-5 job market. Too many women have been plunged into devastation after spending their entire life shaping their families future, only to end up losing their relationship. If you are a woman who stays at home with taking care of your family’s needs, security is no less important for you than it is for a woman who works her 9-5 job. The information in this publication can also benefit you. 

For those with jobs, another shocking statistic shows that most do not have six months of earnings saved up in case they lose their jobs. In fact, they’re actually living from paycheck to paycheck. Many women and their families would find themselves homeless within a few short months, if they were to lose their jobs or lose their partners. Moreover, the outlook on their retirement is quite bleak and future prospects of turning that around are not promising. As a woman, the state of your financial affairs ought to be a prime consideration. Making contributions to your financial institutions is one way that you have been taught to do it, for decades, however, that is not without its challenges as we’ve recently seen.

Instability of the stock markets for security

It was not too long ago that people witnessed the stock market meltdown, and the closure of giant financial institutions that had been around for centuries. Up to this point, no one had thought that this was possible, at least not the people putting their monies into the systems. They seemed to have thought that their funds were secured and could never be lost. Sadly, however, with the fall of these institutions came the loss of people’s lifelong savings. Many were forced to continue working, sidestepping the possibility of retirement due to insufficient income to support them into retirement. They had invested years of their hard earned income to build it. The reality of this ought to have been a wakeup call to many, to look into other options for creating income to support themselves in later years. Hopefully it’s realized that there really is no guarantee that funds will be around when you get ready to retire. At least I wouldn’t count on it as my only option. Perhaps you may be one of those having a more secured system. There are other definitely considerations as well.

Do you have 10 x your annual income saved up?

Financial loss aside, there is another point to consider. Financial advisors have long told us that we need ten times our current earnings tucked away to maintain our current lifestyle during retirement. Even if you assume that your funds are safe, have you taken a look lately to see where your numbers are? Would you be able to retire without worries on what you have saved up? Or, will you have to find a job to supplement your income during the years when you really want to enjoy what’s left of your life? Would you end up being one of those living below the poverty line, sacrificing your comforts in later years? These are very important questions to ponder. Taking a look at your financial situation to be aware of your reality now, can possibly open your eyes to options you may not have been looking for. And for sure, there are options other than the stocks and other investment vehicles into which your funds are placed and traded.

What options may be available to create income?

If you are willing to look at business options, I’ve got three, possibly four recommendations for you. All have the potential for unlimited income and two to three are residual-based. Additionally, all of the options will give you control over your own financial destiny and that of your family as long as you are willing to put the time and effort in to make them work for you. One will be presented in each of the next three publications, beginning now. The great thing for you is that you won’t have to risk letting go of your current income immediately. This allows you to maintain some level of financial stability and determine when you are ready to become full time.

The first business option

Speaking of placing your long term investments into investment vehicles, a common vehicle used by investment companies are stock trading. You place your income into their bucket and they trade, giving you a return or a loss, depending on the direction of the market. You can take control of your own trading and there are other ways to trade the markets that will allow you to make money no matter which direction the market goes. This is called options trading. Options trading is a very viable way to earn income. It is more short term than trading stocks, and there are many strategies that you can choose from. You have complete control over the trades you set up. As as with any other investment option trading has some risks, however, with the proper education, you set the threshold of the risk that you will allow and set your trades within those guidelines. It is completely possible to make up over 100% of earnings on the funds invested in a few hours. 

In a very cursory way, trading options allow you to ride the market whichever direction the market is going. You can make money in a bearish market as well as in a bullish market. You can buy Calls or sell Puts when the market goes up and you can buy Puts or sell Calls when the market goes down. There are tons of other excellent strategies that you can choose from as ways to minimize your risk and earn income. It is very exciting. As with all businesses, options trading may not be for everyone. If you are inclined to be more analytical in nature, and would like a business that does not require interacting with a lot of people, this may be an attractive option for you.

Your trading education should be with an established, reputable company with a strong support community. Integrity, ethics and variety are great qualities of the company I recommend. Mastermind Traders which has an intensive educational program for a relatively small investment considering the level of support you receive. Click the link and check out the information on their website to get further details and get started if this is for you.

Home-based business, the new trend

The second, third and fourth business options, as with the first, are work from home opportunities. It’s been predicted that 64% of all businesses will be home based businesses within the next three years.  It is almost a requirement that businesses are online to survive these days. This is why the next three recommendations will be looking at how you can start your business from home as you work your job to build your business to a full time income. What’s really great about this is that the comparative startup costs to a traditional business, is quite remarkable. You’ll see how
you can be in business in a short amount of time with little startup investment, and yet match or exceed the incomes of the businesses started for quite a bit more. We’ll continue to explore what other options are available to you.

In summary

It’s important that you take inventory of your financial future and do something about it while you can. I’ve provided one option here for you, and there are three more to come, that are quite lucrative. In the meantime, check out  Mastermind Traders and do your research to see what is possible for you. 

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