By: Dr. Gwen Smith

New business owners wanting to have an online presence often find themselves confused about where to start. For sure there are so many moving parts that if you’re a new business owner without a mentor or coach, you could EASILY find yourself overwhelmed and confused.

It could take you a few years to learn all the processes to master them well enough, in addition to building out your own online products and services,  which is your original interest in starting your business in the first place.
On my Facebook Live video, I discuss with you some steps to consider as you’re getting started.

An interview I had with Kimra Luna, sheds additional light on what it takes to build success, as well as a three-part vlogging series to help you focus on some important factors in helping your business to thrive.
Before building out any part of your business, you ought to ensure that you pick your niche and really know what it is. The more narrow, the better it will yield the results you’d like to see.
Your subsequent branding will include your niches biggest needs. This is where a lot of newbies fall down. They throw up some colors, a catchy phrase while having a fogged view of who they’re serving. I made the same mistake too. It took me a bit over a year to finally sort it through and be settledd about it.
Keep in mind that even after this step, remaining open and listening to the market needs are important to tweaking your business.  Your business is a continuously evolving process.
As you watch the video, take really great notes, then go here to download an 18-point checklist and a report that guides you through five important factors to have success in your business.
Above everything else remember that taking consistent actions will move your through the steps to getting the results you want.
Your success will come with taking inspired, consistent actions.
Download the checklist and report below and get started.


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