You can have a job or business that you really love . This is how…

By: Dr. Gwen Smith

You may have come across information on how to find your passion in your career or business. There’s no shortage of information available and some are quite good. Others however are not mindful of the existing conditions in the workforce, and seem to disseminate more information spreading the existing propaganda on exactly how they think the process works.

In the next series of articles, I hope to dispel some of the myths surrounding how to find work that you love and help you to arrive at solutions that bring you satisfaction and fulfillment in achieving your dream career or business.

I’d like to begin with some of the conversations that I’ve seen surrounding the topic. One that I’ve stumbled across in just a couple of places, which rubs me the wrong way, goes something like this: “Finding your passions and a job to match is completely ludicrous. There’s no such thing. What you need to do instead is to get a job, become really good at it, and it will become your passion!”

Whoa! Amazingly crazy stuff! Is anybody paying attention to this logic and noticing what’s happening in the places of employment? Isn’t this what the 70-80% of Americans with jobs that they actually hate, have done? The statistics don’t lie. There are just a minority of people who may not have followed that path, or who ended up being lucky, loving what they do. And for the rest, who did exactly that, they really are feeling stuck, unfulfilled and being sucked out by jobs they hate.

Such an important event as work, which occupies the bulk of your day, shouldn’t be left up to luck and trial and error.

You don’t have to look far to see people who are excellent at what they do, yet feel as though they are doing meaningless mundane tasks that keep them feeling trapped and unhappy. They suffer burnout and end up with medical conditions that they believe are unrelated to what they do daily.

I didn’t have to go very far to find a few direct quotes of what people are saying:

“I have had enough of the long hours in a job that will take me nowhere. I am ready to move on and move up”

“I recently left a job where I was successful, but not creatively fulfilled.”

Hello!! Is anyone listening? There is a deeper purpose that many of us want to feel as though we’re fulfilling in our work. It’s not just the work, any work.

It has to be work that makes us feel fulfilled and complete; like we’re really making a difference. And luckily we all don’t want the same exact thing and that’s a great thing. Because I really do believe that if we stop sticking ourselves into positions that we are not aligned with, there will be enough for everyone to meet everyone’s passions and gifts, and enough money to go around to support the lifestyle we desire. That’s a theory, I know, and I can’t help but feel that in this abundant world that it wouldn’t hold up as truth if we were to test it.

What one person finds boring, the other finds fulfilling. And so from this perspective, I’d like to feel that there’s enough for everyone.

Moreover, if schools and hiring institutions would make it a point to cater more towards passions, directing people in their own direction, I believe there will be happier people in the work force, and fewer employers needing to replace incompetent or unmotivated employees. Less griping and happier workers will be the end result.

As a former executive and leader who have hired thousands of people over decades of my career andr business, and seeing the direct correlation between doing what one loves and a happier workforce, I’ll tell you that you owe it to yourself as one who hires, and as one who is hired, to be aware of passions—the passions of your potential hires or your passions if you are a  ‘hiree’.

So, we get to the point of how that can be done. Just how do you align your passions with your work? If job titles already exist and your passions already exist, how can you get the two to align?

It does take some preparation and planning without which the process will be a hit or miss at best, and that’s not what you want.

Laying the groundwork almost guarantees that you’ll have plenty of options to choose from that will improve your happiness and fulfillment in your career or business.

Here is a resource that will get you started immediately:

Listen to my latest Facebook Live training as I begin to layout the process of how to start your journey.

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