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By: Dr. Gwen Smith

If you have a business, you may very well be familiar with the concept that your business and you are separate entities. What this means is that if you are keeping up with the legal formalities in your business, you are afforded a certain level of protection in your personal life from mistakes or lawsuits encountered in your business.

This is a great concept and one that I believe many people take way too far even when it comes to envisioning actions creating success in their business. I’d like to suggest that if you are in business and you want to have major success, then using this separate approach may be the first thing to reconsider.

Anyone having major success in business will admit that when you want to blow the lid off of your business and be completely happy and fulfilled in the process, it’s necessary to consider that you and your business are one.

Watch the FB Live Video here to hear me tell the story of one of my clients and how this became truth for her. She is well on her way to more than doubling the income in the next 12 months, creating an income much more than she has ever made.

I also share in the video four steps that must be taken before you can begin to realize the type of results you’d like to see. All of these principles apply not just in your business, but also in your career and life as well. If you can think about an area of life that you want to get results for, using these principles will accelerate the process for you.

If you are having a situation in which you need to have some clarity around whats holding you back in your business, life or career, I invite you to schedule a 30 minute session with me.

Your normal investment would have been $395/30 minute. Until July 31st I’m offering you a $200 discount if you use the code: LIVEFREE as you sign up.

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