The Real Meaning of Empowerment: Eliminating Your Daily Struggles And Fulfilling Your Goals

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If you are like me, you’ve heard a lot about empowerment for much of your life. Insomuch that you may have simply begun to take it for granted. It’s easy to do. Especially when it’s everywhere!

For me, empowerment meant thinking positively, saying affirmations and doing all the mind work to help me feel better about my day. But rarely did I ever extend its meaning to the reduction of my daily struggles on fulfilling my tasks and goals. Call me dense, but I simply didn’t make the connection all the way there.

Imagine how delighted I was to have discovered that empowerment reached into every single area of my life. And I mean all of it, including my relationships.

Regardless of how you view empowerment, I’d like to have you consider that it’s not only about positive thoughts, words or feelings, or just feeling good about your day, though these are symptoms; but rather it is about you taking control of the impediments to your success and manipulating them in your favor.

Prior to this, you may not have considered it to this extent. But over the next few articles, I’ll share what I’ve discovered and share how you can take empowerment to that extent if you haven’t already done so.

If you haven’t there may be some real questions that you have subconsciously or consciously entertained:

  • How can you cause the daily stressors in your experiences, to not impact you as much, or at all?
  • How can you take control of the negative views of yourself that stop you in your tracks?
  • How can you move forward in the face of fear, to take on the goals that mean a lot to you?


As sure as night follows day, these are wrapped up in not one single approach. Instead, they’re entangled in a system of approaches that I use daily to help me to gradually get to a place where I felt the self-confidence to know that I’m no longer a victim of my environment or emotions, but that I have total sway over how I felt and my resulting actions and outcomes.

Though this is a system, there is important groundwork that must be laid to have success. In upcoming articles I’ll share available resources that you can use to help, however, let’s take a look at some things to have in place to increase success.

Where Can You Start?

#1 One area you may not have considered is your diet. An article published on Harvard Health agrees that the foods you eat will impact your ability to focus, the diseases you get, or whether or not you feel great daily.

I experienced this firsthand in my own life. Whenever I eat a lot of sweets, my brain gets foggy and it’s hard for me to focus. Meditation is a struggle and I have challenges concentrating.

What are those foods for you?

Foods impact mental health and some mental conditions such as depression. If you have been struggling to focus and to think positively, which are requirements for some of these approaches I will be discussing later, it’s best to start eating foods that are wholesome. The less processed your foods are, the better for your health and physical stamina.

#2 I know what you expect me to say next, and it’s entirely true. Exercising can help to bring clarity. But it may just be a personal thing for you. For me, I’ve found my body no longer responds to vigorous exercises. It no more brings me clarity than walking on the trail, though I do get outside for some sunshine occasionally. (I need to do this more)

There is, however, an exercise that has helped me since having a small clot pass through my brain three years ago, that affected my left hand and leg. Though I’ve fully recovered, I find that vigorous exercises I used to do regularly, and even walking on my treadmill, yoga, and other approaches now stress my body and cause my sympathetic nervous system to become overactive, leading to sleeplessness.

The one single ‘exercise’ that restores my focus and gives me mental clarity, concentration and physical stamina is Ra Qi Gong. This is not an affiliate link. Since doing this I’ve noticed a significant difference in my body’s reaction and my mental focus and ability to concentrate. My physical strength and stamina have also increased significantly

It’s strange I’ve had the resources for at least three years before I was prompted to open the book and use it. It’s like magic to me, as I thought some of those mental and physical elements were completely lost.

All in all though, you must find what works for you and your body. Include some type of activity to increase circulation, however.

#3 Next, turn it off! Sound energy can be energizing and healing or debilitating and destructive to your system. Turn off the constant sound pollution that is in your home: TV with negative information causes your body to go weak. So does certain types of music.

In a study conducted about the impact of sound energy on people’s body strength, Dr. David Hawkins in his famous book Power vs. Force, found that people tested low on a consciousness scale (their bodies went weaker) when the music was violent, heavy metal or hard rock, compared to when it was ‘classic’ rock and roll, reggae, ‘much of the country and western’, popular ballads or classical music; all of which caused the body to test stronger on the consciousness scale.

Your body sends certain signals when something is not good for you. Act immediately to remove yourself when you feel a negative pull.


There are some important points to review before I leave you:

  • Empowerment equips you to overcome your daily struggles to have peace of mind and get the results you’re after
  • It is a system of approaches and not one single thing
  • There are three points to help increase your ability to focus and to cause your journey to empowerment to be less of a struggle:
    • Eat foods in their less processed form as much as possible
    • Listen to sound that causes your body to go stronger rather than weaker
    • Engage in activities that increase circulation .and improve focus and clarity

Please reach out if you need additional support to empower you along your journey. Click below

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