By: Dr. Gwen Smith

Everyone is looking for success in life. It seems as though it’s something that is evasive. What few seems to realize is that success may look quite different for every single person, and that they may quite likely be looking in the wrong places.

This should provide some level of consolation for many who may have previously been frustrated by low self-esteem after chasing the evasive dream that seems unattainable.

As sure as success looks different for different people, there’s also a winning formula, applicable across all humanity that guarantees it. Though the specificity of each element may be quite different, anyone following this formula must have success. It’s inevitable.

What are the elements of the winning formula?

The first element of success is recognizing and owning your own individuality. This requires that you embrace your uniqueness, fully understanding that you and you alone can define what is fulfilling to you in your life, and consequently what your success looks like. This requires that you own your right to choose to define your own success that your unique gifts will satisfy.

The second step is to identify your real vision. What are you about and what would you like to achieve? Your vision ought to be wrapped up in your individuality and uniqueness. What are you passionate about? What is your destiny? It requires a deep internal connection to be clear about what that is.

The third step is creating what you want, first mentally, and then laying plans to achieve it. Having clarity around what that passion materialized in the world will look like is a very important part of the process.

Who will you serve? What product or service will you provide? Where will you provide it? How will you provide it and with what frequency? What resources and supports will you need for success? Laying a plan to achieve your desired end result is.

The Fourth step requires that you get in action around those plans that you’ve laid. Consistency and persistence are musts. It also requires a deep commitment to your seeing it through even in the midst of challenges that will surely arise. After all, it’s the fulfillment and embodiment of your dreams. It’s you leaving your unique mark on the world which will make a difference for others.

In the midst of fulfilling this dream, it’s important to remember to stay wide open. At times the plans you’ve laid will not go as intended. Your flexibility and openness to remain adventurous and to embrace whatever shows up will keep the win and enjoyment in the formula.

The fifth and final step is realizing your success and celebrating the big and small wins along the way. Keep in mind that it is not typically a linear process. There will be hurdles to overcome and at times it may seem as though you are making very little if any progress. Just because you’re passionate about what you are doing, and you stay consistent and persevere, over time you will realize the success you dreamed of.

Following this formula ensures that you have the success that is perfectly matched to who you are and what you desire to fulfill in this world.

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