Are you looking for success, yet just can’t seem to find it? If so, you may just have found yourself among the majority who have self- identified as not finding success. And, yet, I believe this conclusion is, among other things, grounded in an illusion fueled by a lack of awareness with oneself and what one needs.

I’ll share with you why this is my conclusion and how I believe it can be addressed.



To experience success, requires, at a bare minimum, the following:

1. A clear definition of success, totally aligned with who you are
2. A boldness in declaring its achievement
3. Action around what you’ve declared that you want
4. Vigilance in removing any obstacles that show up

  • A clear definition of success, totally aligned with who you are

Knowing that you’ve achieved success requires that you’ve defined it for yourself, based on who you are (personal likes, dislikes, goals and desires), prior to achieving it. It’s not the same as having what the Jones’ have or keeping up with your neighbors. You simply may not enjoy it, because you haven’t defined it based on you.
Many have wrongfully identified having lots of money with success. The truth is that money is energy, as with all things, and can be a curse as well as a blessing, depending on who you are. Success demands not just the physical manifestation of material things, because you can have the material things, yet have emptiness or void inside. It requires an innate emotion, called fulfillment to be correctly labeled as success, otherwise it is only a misnomer.
We don’t need to look very far to see people with lots of money, who are labeled as successful, making disastrous choices or even prematurely ending their lives. Yet, for others, the opposite effect: fulfillment and satisfaction is produced. This is because it requires different achievements for different people to feel successful. Without a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment, success is just a misnomer.

  • A boldness in declaring its achievement

After clearly identifying what success looks like for you, achieving it requires a bold declaration of the results you’d like to see. Too many are wishy-washy about declaring what they want from life, and as a result they fail to achieve success.
I share here in this video, a story of a time when a bold declaration produced unbelievable results for me

Success requires bold declarations that sometimes scare you. But you need to declare it so you can see it when it happens. When I was younger I always heard the expression, “Aim for the starts so you can fall on the tree-top if you missed” Aim higher than what will satisfy you so if you miss the result will be the tree-top, which will still make you happy.
You may even miss the goal the first time around, but persisting will get you closer each time you pick up yourself and go.

  • Action around what you’ve declared that you want

The mistake that you may be making resulting in missed goals, opportunities and lack of success, is that you may be sitting and praying after you have the first step, instead of praying and acting. Don’t expect to achieve what you want if you sit and wait for results to fall on your lap. You must ACT.
Don’t expect to see the start-to-end pathway before you begin. I’ve missed many opportunities in the past by doing this. Instead, act on that tiny bit of revelation that you get and when you do, the next step will be revealed. It’s like magic. Success comes bit-by-bit most of the times, and not in one fell swoop. Not starting results in missed successes.

  • Vigilance in removing any obstacles that show up

Sometimes the obstacles in our path are clear, most of the times they’re not. Regardless of which way it is for you, it is important to clear the pathway for progress.
Whether it’s fear, lack of self-esteem, self-limiting beliefs or other emotions that show up, you must act frequently and consistently to remove them. It’s a challenge to do this alone, to say the least. However, it’s not impossible to do.
You can begin to clear the energies that don’t serve you to free up your pathway to success. You do this by using my Surrender For FreedomTM process. This requires that you are vigilant about where in your body any emotions show up, when the self-limiting beliefs take hold.
Once you identify it, just be with it until it runs its course. A simple, yet powerful strategy, that is challenging to do by yourself.
If you do need support in clearing up blocked energies that show up, click the button below to book an energy clearing session with me.


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