By: Dr. Gwen Smith

Your passion can be ignited by challenges you experience in your life. Each challenge is an opportunity to create success not just for yourself, but for others. In this interview, Keyona did just that. Listen as she shares her journey towards developing a business that is now empowering people’s lives to enable them to leave a financial legacy if they choose.

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We apologize for the very brief audio quality challenges between 16:42 –16:46 and also very briefly at the very end.

Here is a summary of the highlights:

3:56 How Keyona got started

4:21 The challenge that got her living her passion

4:59 The preparation Keyona took on to live her passion and how she did it

5:26 The beginning of business

5:57 Another challenge, another opportunity: How Keyona handled it

7:52 The main challenges most people have when addressing their credit

9:05 Credit scores from 500-800! What it took her to do it

9:48 Main blocks to moving credit scores: the expert at work

11:23 The process of Financial Empowerment: Its an educational process

12:24 Inspiration for your challenges and struggles

14:32 Taking it yet another step: How she wrote her book and self-published

16:32 Keyona outlines her educational empowerment and coaching process

16:42—16:46 Apologies for the intermittently poor audio quality

19:36 How much time will it take to restore your credit?

22:01 Answers to three Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

23:59 What is required to take action

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Keyona Henderson


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