As we explore the theme of self-discovery, not only is it pertinent that we bring awareness to passions in this conversation, but it is also imperative that we address why living your passions is important to your daily well-being and success. 

“Passions’ has become such a cliché to the extent that many turn a deaf ear to it, while others inadvertently attribute it to something impractical to achieve presently, and relegate it to the future as something to look forward to when they ‘retire’ or ‘have money or time’. 


Yet none of these conditions have to exist before you can start to live and experience the benefits of your passions. In my interactions helping others to discover and use their passions, I’ve found that even if people can apply one or two of their Top 5 passions, they’ll experience significant personal and business benefits in their lives. 


For example, many clients experience increased focus, happiness and fulfillment, and also significant growth in their business profits, just from knowing what their passions are, and incorporating one or two, in their lives. 


This brings us to the point that, living your passions isn’t necessarily synonymous with having your work or business aligning, though there are significant benefits to having the latter. 


In this article we will look at three important reasons why you should be engaging with your passions often and what will likely happen when you do. 


  1.  You’re most likely able to achieve breakthrough performance in whatever you do, which includes total fulfillment in the process
  2. It invigorates your very life source, and possibly adds years to your life 
  3. It increases your vibration, facilitating success in your business, life or relationships. 


1.You’re most likely able to achieve breakthrough performance in whatever you do, which includes total fulfillment in the process


A model of success is represented by the Peace Power Profits® ACT Breakthrough Success Model, represented below. 



According to this model, to experience breakthrough success in any area of life or business, requires that all five components be at play: Awareness (A), Creation (C), Transformation (T), Desire/Passion, and Integrity/Commitment.


In summary, Awareness is your discovery of self and engagement with your environment and others to impact your success. Discovery of your passions and intuition in creating priorities for your life increases fulfillment and is an integral component of awareness. 


Creation involves empowerment of self which includes your ability to overcome self-limiting beliefs to your success. It also includes manipulating your environment to facilitate achievement of priorities and goals. 


Transformation is the result of your executing on those priorities and goals using strategies and tools to spur continuous action. 


You’ll notice in the model that Desire/Passion encircles the three areas, ACT. This signifies the importance of passions in achieving any kind of breakthrough success. Passion fuels a feeling of satisfaction that creates an experience of fulfillment or profits, as a result of not just the results, but also of the actions being taken. It causes you to enjoy the journey. 


I think that you and I will agree, with the undisputed fact, that having money or material trappings is not enough to cause happiness and fulfillment in our lives. I happen to know this from experience. The void is real! 


You can have everything you want in your life and still have emptiness and void because your passion is not engaged. Breakthrough Success demands that you not only achieve your goals, but that you fully enjoy the process and all of the results (profits) and fulfillment. 


Absence of passions leads to burnout. You are achieving the goals, but you hate every moment of the process. Absence of passions also means that you’re likely ignoring the people and things in your life that lights a spark in you. Engaging your passions involve all that matter to you. 


2. It invigorates your very life source, and possibly adds years to your life 


A New York Times story tells about a man whose life was saved by engaging his passions that became a business. This story isn’t unique. 


In fact, even engaging your passions as leisure, has significant health benefits. You don’t need to wait until sometime in the future, you can start today. It will make a huge difference in your outlook on life. 


3. It increases your vibration, facilitating success in your business, life or relationships


It has been said by scientists that everything is energy. We are all energy. As a result, if you remember from your science lessons, energy deals with resonance, frequency and vibration. 


As a former classic guitarist, I would notice that when I struck a string on my instrument, it would create the same resonance or vibration on a nearby string that carries the same frequency. It works the same way with us as humans. Similar frequency unlocks other frequencies at the same resonance. 


You can know where you’re vibrating based on how you feel. Good feelings suggest high vibrations, not-so-good, low vibrations. To attract good things require that your vibrations are matching the vibration of what you want. Hence, engaging in good-feeling activities raises your vibration making it possible to attract other good things that you desire.  


There is a caveat to this, but before I address it, I’ll tell you about one of my clients. This is what he wrote in a testimonial after having discovered his passions and living it: 


…Dr. Gwen asked me to take the Discovery Session and I would be able to see what my passions were. The test made total sense to me and now I couldn’t be happier. My number 1 passion was Traveling and number 2 was golf. She said that any chance I had to do one of those passions, I should take advantage. I followed her advice and my life has changed for the better. 
I don’t have regret for missing out on traveling to different places and not playing golf with friends. I now understand the importance of separation of work and play. It has helped me be more productive at work and enjoy life…”



He reported significant increase in his business profits. It’s not a myth that you should incorporate your passions often, better as your career or business. 


Now about the caveat: I hear you about this law of attraction stuff that so many are raving about. Yet, even I, as a certified Law of Attraction coach, as with others, have encountered blocks to success. I’ll enter this caveat for the record and hasten to further state that the attraction/vibration phenomenon works as long as you do not have a block that stops it. 


No amount of attracting exercise will bring what you want if you have a block you are not even aware of. 


Those blocks are stopped-up energies trapped inside of your body from past or present experience you may have had, or are having. They can be removed through energy clearing. You can schedule an energy clearing session to pinpoint what the blocks are and to clear them to open up the process for you. 


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