By: Dr.Gwen Smith
We often look at power as having lot’s of money, being in charge of a lot of people or resources, or something else external to ourselves. I’d like to propose that there is a first and most important step to having power, true personal power: being in tune with who you are to your core.
Yes, this is critical! Stop walking around without understanding who you are, why you are here, and what your life is all about. Be in tune! There are some definite steps to take that will get you started on your journey, and a calm clear mind is where to start. For clarity in your thoughts and to make it through each day, I find it important to connect with the Divine and with music.
Find yourself in a quiet spot in the morning and just before bed (creates peaceful sleep as well), listen to some calming, meditation music, breathe deeply to circulate the life forces throughout your body, relax your body, totally, (even the eye sockets and the tension in your brain) and just be in tune with nature and the Divine: praying, relaxing, letting go of every disempowering thought!! Make this a daily practice.  You can spend a minimum of 15 minutes. It truly makes a difference in how your day goes.
I find this to being empowering, peaceful and calming to my spirit. And. I am much more grounded to handle whatever life throws at me during the day.
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