By: Dr. Gwen Smith

Ladies, if you are ready to be clear about your life path, discover your passions, overcome fear and self-limiting beliefs, and become self- confident and happy, then this article is just for you.
Many women find themselves bogged down with the responsibilities of home, work and kids. Still others feel stuck and fearful to pursue their dreams because they feel it’s impossible with children. It can be overwhelming, especially without a system to empower you.
If you find yourself in either category, The ACT Cycle of Success Coaching Model is a model that guarantees you the results you want or you get a full refund.
The system includes

  • How you can identify your passions and finally pursue them!
  • How using the ACT Cycle of Success model will literally transform the results you get in your life, relationships and work
  • How to overcome your fears and self-imposed limitations to become powerful and self-confident
  • How to install your life vision to get the results you really desire
  • Step-by-step actions to facilitate breakthroughs in all areas of your life
  • How to identify the programs that stop you from reaching your goals

This coaching program has been proven to work in hundreds of lives.
It’s the same system I use to achieve the massive breakthroughs I’ve accomplished in my life. Breakthroughs that others marvel about, but which felt quite natural for me because of the system I’ve used. It will empower you with step-by-step processes to empower your parenting and facilitate raising responsible kids.
If you are a ‘married-single’ mom or a single mom, the soon-to-be released book: Single Moms from Striving to Thriving: 101 Success Tips which is for ALL moms who feel like they’re handling everything at home alone. This book  will help you discover how to reduce your stress and what the research says is the ideal parenting style in raising your kids successfully.
Just to make it clear for those who may not be willing to commit to transforming their lives, the program is for women who are willing to  invest time and resources to transform their lives.
If you are hungry and want more in your life, you are the perfect person for this program.
There are three packages which guarantee different levels of your success:

3 Month Package 9 Sessions

Month 1 = 4 Sessions; Month 2 = 2 Sessions; Month 3 = 3

FREE Bonus:

Sample Module III of my exclusive ACT Cycle of Success Model; An Online Course Valued at $197

6 Month Package 18 Sessions

Month 1= 2 Sessions; Month 2 = 2 Sessions; Month 3 = 2

Month 4 = 4 Sessions; Month 5 = 4 Sessions; Month 6 = 4 Sessions

FREE Bonus:

Includes the Online Performance Breakthrough Course Utilizing The ACT Cycle of Success Model Valued at $397  

12 Month Package 36 Sessions

Month 1= 2 Sessions; Month 2 = 2 Sessions; Month 3 = 2

Month 4 = 4 Sessions; Month 5 = 4 Sessions; Month 6 = 4 Sessions

Month 7 = 4 Sessions; Month 8 = 4 Sessions; Month 9 = 4 Sessions

Month 10 = 4 Sessions; Month 11 = 4 Sessions; Month 12 = 4 Sessions

FREE Bonus 1:

Includes The Passion Test® Online, Valued at $197

FREE Bonus 2:

The Online Performance Breakthrough Course Utilizing The ACT Cycle of Success Model Valued at $397

FREE Bonus 3:  

One year’s free access to The Passions to Earnings membership site for content and support to build your online presence valued at $1,997

You may schedule a 45-minute DISCOVERY SESSION to help you become clear on what’s stopping you and how this program will work for you.

Expectations From the Discovery Session: You’ll…
  • Be clear about how you can  discover what you love to and completely fulfilled in your work
  • Find out the what you need to get you to a place of satisfaction and fulfillment in your life and work
  • Discover the #1 obstacle preventing you from finding satisfaction in your life and your work
  • Have the excitement of knowing what your next steps are to start living and the way you truly want to

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Remember the program is 100% Guaranteed!!
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P.S. – Waiting will only prolong your feeling stuck and unsatisfied with your life, work, or relationship, instead of knowing how you can have a breakthrough to quickly and easily be clear about your life path and more!


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