By: Dr.Gwen Smith

What does power mean to you? Is it money, authority or status achieved in life? For sure, power means different things to different people, but mostly it is identified by association with material things or status. People consider themselves to be powerful by virtue of physicality, things that are external to who they are; that is, separate and apart from who they are as being at their core; however, this is a mistake. The transience of this power is quite visible to those remaining, after their demise or departure, as the brevity of the celebratory memories fades, reinforcing its futility towards advancing lives. The diminution of this extrinsic evidence of power is favorably remembered up to the point that it was lost.
Another view of power is considered to be authority, force or status. Unless there is special power involved, this authority, force and status power last only as long as those elements contributing to its power remain. They quickly dissipate, in the absence of this special power.
What is this power? Why is it so special and timeless? It is so because it is different, and no one can rob those who possess it of its impact on the lives that come across it. It is a different type of power, and it is totally independent of the extrinsic displays, though not mutually exclusive of it. It enhances, It creates, It is peaceful and it promotes happiness, joy and freedom. It is attractive and people pay attention to it. It is first internal, innate and it is personal. This is personal power.
This type of power affords you the ability to stand on your own; freely making choices, and being confident in those choices regardless of others’ opinions. It is grounding and those who possess it are self-satisfied and respected for who they are. No one can strip you of it.
It is NOT esoteric and anyone can be graced with it, providing they are willing to allow the transformation to occur within. In my upcoming book (title to coming soon), I’ll reveal how you can have this type of power in your life to really make a difference in where you would like to be and what you would like to achieve with others and in this world. You will discover why you don’t have it in your life, and how to get it.
In the meantime, I’d like you to consider a source of personal power: it comes from being true to you and being in integrity about the things you say you are going to do for YOURSELF. Yes, for you!
If you are the average person, you probably have fewer challenges keeping your word to others than you do to yourself. However, be aware that not keeping your word to yourself erodes SELF to it’s core, causing a disempowering context from which you start to live your life. Each time you fail to fulfill on promises to yourself, it erodes even more. You are literally diminishing your view of SELF subconsciously. You chip away a piece at a time, until gradually the other areas of your life become infected, affected and begin to wane in strength and confidence. Your power becomes dissipated, and you, defeated.
Think about this and really be transparent with yourself: how many times have you set a goal to achieve something in your life and not fulfilled on it, simply because you did not even bother to start? What do you think that did and continues to do to your ability to believe in yourself and your abilities? It leaves you more and more powerless each time, and it spreads like an infectious disease, stripping you of your self-esteem and self-worth because you keep doing it. What will you do about it?
A simple way to start is by first recording what you said you will do and enlist an accountability partner. Don’t try to do it on your own, you have already failed, multiple times! Look outside of yourself. This is where a family member or friend can help. You can also hire a certified coach to help you map it all out and make a change. Start asking around for referrals in your area to find one.
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Notice how you feel once you start to honor yourself and fulfill on your promises you have made to SELF. Try it and discover!
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