Alignment conjures up images of people laying on a chiropractic table awaiting physical adjustments, due to misalignment of their spinal cords, to eliminate low to moderate, or even severe back pain, they’re experiencing while living their normal daily lives.
Once those adjustments are made a new lease on living is experienced. The renewed client can now be her normal self again. She no longer needs to whine and complain about the nagging symptoms, nor suffer in silence. She can, instead, confidently go about living her daily experiences.
In a sense, misalignment between your inner-self and the daily choices, decisions and actions you take in your business and life produces similar symptoms, requiring adjustments; but on an emotional level. The symptoms are still low to moderate, or even severe emotional pain, increased by lack of self-significance, self-esteem and self-confidence. This is compounded by the inability to make sound decisions to drive your life and business forward. The result is spinelessness and lack of self-respect.
Success requires an alignment.
Whether you’re a CEO of a large corporation, a small business owner, a career professional, or a mom that stays at home, there’s one thing that’s true. You are human! Because of that fact, everything you choose, decide, or act on, depends on you! Who you decide that you are, what your thoughts are, how you view yourself, and your level of connection with the Force that’s greater than you, all drive what your outcomes will be and whether or not you’ll have success.
But the sad thing is we go about living our lives as if it doesn’t matter. We continue to feel one way inside and make choices outside to fit in, to feel accepted, or perhaps to even be liked by our peers, our subordinates or even those we don’t even know. We are out of alignment.
The end result is that we fall out of rapport with our own selves, our relationships are less than powerful and we have no credible success in our business or careers. We feel vulnerable, void and yearn for something more. Intuitively, we know that something is missing.
But how do you fall back in alignment?
I did say ‘fall back’. And that’s because we all had been there at some point in our lives. But then somewhere along the road, something happened and we decided it was no longer safe to be true to ourselves.
Maybe someone said something to you, or treated you a certain way, or you saw someone being treated a certain way, and in that moment you decided it wasn’t safe to be yourself and you fell out of alignment with you at your core. Whatever it was that happened, will need to be addressed for you to experience massive success.
And, before we discuss the very first things that you’ll need to consider to get in alignment and return to true north, let’s look at some of the benefits to helping your clarify when you’re really there.
Getting back in alignment bolsters your self-confidence. You begin to feel an internal shift that brings tremendous peace. It’s the satisfaction of knowing that you are finally being you, inside and out. Some of my clients describe it as feeling powerful. It is!
You no longer feel that you are small and insignificant.  This is factual, regardless of how those who are not for your empowerment react. Because you are in alignment, you’re able to communicate from your heart what you truly want, recognize the true essence of who you were created to be and set and enforce boundaries. Boundaries are important in every relationship; equally so in your business as well as in your personal life.
When you are in alignment or self-rapport, your self-esteem grows. Everyone in your environment can’t help but notice the difference in you. As a result, they respond differently towards you, and you are now able to create a greater impact in your environment. Life takes on a new view.
Your decision-making flows with greater ease, when you are in alignment. Because you are now more in tune with the Internal Voice, God, your intuition–however you want to call that power, you make decisions that create bigger impact in your environment.  It is real!
As we continue this series on alignment this month, I’d like to leave you with some reflections in the form of an activity that will start the process of your awareness about some events that may have created your misalignment.

  1. Get a roll of paper of some length, or you can tape printer paper end-to-end to create the length.
  2. Find a quiet, relaxing place to hang out for an hour. Empty your space of all distractions.
  3. Look through the timeline of your life beginning with the most recent, then moving towards those from as early as your childhood.
  4. Picture or recollect vividly, all of your life experiences, as many come effortlessly to your mind. Don’t make it a struggle.
  5. Notice all the incidents that were major turning points or decision-points in your life.
  6. Record those on your timeline, complete with drawings or dates. Use colors if you wish
  7. What patterns emerge?
  8. Record all that apply: Where did you decide that you didn’t matter? Where did you decide that all was good? Where did you get the feeling or thought you currently carry of yourself? What is the feeling or thought you carry about you everywhere? Be straight about it!

I’d love to support you in finding alignment in your life. Click below for a complimentary session with me.

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