By: Dr. Gwen Smith

There are many business models that you can choose from to start your side income business. This week we are looking at some opportunities for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is bringing someone elses products to the market. With affiliate marketing each product that you want to sell has a link to a website where your customers can go to learn more about the product and to make a purchase.
Each product link has a unique identifier which identifies you as the payee for commissions once a purchase is made. Youll typically get a commission which is a percentage of the sale. Commissions vary in all degrees.
When looking for products to market, it is really important to pick an area that is interesting to you so you stay motivated even when things get a bit challenging.

In general there are three basic steps to begin

1.Find a market where there is a need—Research is needed to find a lucrative market that meets the needs of people

2.Find an affiliate program or product that solves the need

3.Promote the product or program on websites, through links or other advertising manner described in the video.

Of course there are lots more steps interwoven between the three steps such as doing your keyword research, finding traffic to send to the offers, tracking your offers and more. It takes work to get a great program set up, however the rewards can be great once you get past the learning curve.
Watch the Facebook Live Video where I share more details:

Just as you can market other people’s products, you may also market your own products as well , by getting other people as affiliates to market for you and you give them a commission.

There are several affiliate networks where you can go to learn more and to see what the various criteria are for marketing other peoples products as well as your own.

Some of these have other criteria, such as owning a website with a certain amount of traffic before you are able to be approved. Others require just a simple sign up and you’re on your way. You can check out Clickbank and JVZoo to start.

Here is a list of the networks mentioned in the video:

Affiliate Networks

The best way to be a trusted affiliate marketer is to have clear knowledge about the quality of the product or service you are referring to others. When you have an intimate connection with the product, you are able to share all the pros and cons and be able to give credible reviews that your clients can trust.

An important consideration is always the quality of the product. Typically, you will only want to present what you can truly provide honest feedback on because your credibility is at stake. Sometimes you’ll need to buy the product to allow you to provide a good recommendation to others.

Many affiliate products sold on these platforms are what we call low ticket items meaning the commissions are relatively small and you will need to drive a ton of traffic to make significant income.

In our next blog I’ll share with you about high ticket affiliate offers and what makes them unique and different. If you feel like you’re not sure where you want to focus your product selection, it may be good for you to first get clear about what you like. Download this FREE Guide to help you.

As with starting any business, there are some definite steps and processes to be aware of, such as what resources you’ll need and what are the main things to focus on to have success. Here is a FREE Report to with an 18-point checklist to set up your online business.


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