By: Dr. Gwen Smith
By this you’ve come to realize that business opportunities are all around you; and the amazing thing of it is that we really haven’t scratched the surface of what exists. Today we share about investing in stocks—stock trading.

Stock investing may seem quite esoteric, since the average middle class American don’t really have the slightest clue about what’s involved. Yet in an indirect way and without knowing, you may have already participated in stock trading with your 401K or your IRA account through mutual funds and other vehicles.

The difference in trading stocks is that you directly control what you buy, when you buy or even when you sell. You can buy stocks in any company that is publicly traded, and as you’ll learn, it doesn’t require that you have tens of thousands of dollars to begin your journey.

You can buy stocks in increments of shares until you are able to buy 100% of the stock itself. This allows anyone to start stock investing. Stock investing requires a mindshift from being a consumer and one who buys products that depreciates to being an owner and one who gains dividends that are reinvested, or that fund your lifestyle.

It’s using your money to make more money; a wealth principle.

On this week’s show, I interview Angela E. Matthews, Founder of The Happy Investor Method and a successful stock trader, who educates others about stock investing. As Angela describes, prior to purchasing stocks knowing the financial health of the company is key.

As this report is a cursory overview to pique your interest and have you aware of all that’s possible for you, there is no detail provided on the how process. Contact details are provided in the interview that will help you not only know what to look for in buying a stock, but also what to do if you want to further your education.

Watch the interview here:

Once you’ve watched the content, you may also go to Angela’s website where you can get a free course and learn more about her programs.

Click here to access.

In the meantime, if you are still struggling with finding what you would love to do for a side income business, I invite you to download the FREE Get Clear Guide by clicking the button below.

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