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With the approaching year, people create new goals, plans and promises for the new year which will hopefully bring them greater success than they had the year before. All too often, however, by the second or third week of the year they abandon those dreams, continuing to live their lives exactly as they did the year before. And if you were to really explore, you’ll find that their dreams, and desires did not die, however, it appears as though they are lulled into a trance of repeated patterns that they are powerless to wake up from. And so, the same thing happens again in the New Year.
Despite the failure of many to achieve their dreams, there are a few who consistently are successful in making their dreams of an improved life become reality. They too appear to be on auto-pilot in fulfilling their dreams whether in whole or in part, as they make successful strides in the right direction. So, what is the difference or factor that seemingly propel these individuals on a familiar path year after year? Why do some people succeed and others fail? Is there a secret sauce that some know and others don’t?

There may be a secret that you should be aware of

There are quite a number of logical reasons why people do or don’t succeed: the presence or lack of drive, focus, clarity, fear, work ethic and the list goes on and on. Any and all of these are valid. And whether or not there is a lack in any one of these areas, at times it seems as though a negative downward spiral of replicated breakdowns appear which seems to be overtaken by a force propelling it in the direction it is headed. At this point, the only thing to do is to take a step back, and let it work its way out. It may be nature’s way of saying to you to take a break, reassess or let go.
If this downward spiral is a norm in your life, there may be other phenomena at play such as Mother Nature taking over, the simple lack of clarity in your life.

What other phenomena could be at play?

In his book Outwitting the Devil, Napoleon Hill talks about a little heard-of principle called TheLaw of Hypnotic Rhythm (1938). The principle can be used to explain why some people are blissfully successful while others are miserably defeated repeatedly.  Presence of the principle does not negate things won’t go wrong at times in your plans.
The “law” has been consistently validated and confirmed through my own unofficial observations and you can make a choice for yourself in your own observations too. So what is this law?

What is The Law of Hypnotic Rhythm?

A quote from Hill:
“Any impulse of thought that the mind repeats over and over through habit forms an organized rhythm…Rhythm is the last stage of habit! Any thought or physical movement which is repeated over and over through the principle of habit finally reaches the proportion of rhythm. Then the habit cannot be broken because nature takes it over and makes it permanent. It is something like a whirlpool in water…Then it is carried round and round but it cannot escape…Habit establishes one’s rhythm of thought, and that rhythm attracts the object of one’s dominating thoughts.”
For good or for bad, this is how it works. We’ve often heard it said that whatever we believe is what we will receive. I am quite certain that you have seen the results of your own beliefs replicated over and over in your life. Quite possibly you have also seen it in people’s lives as well. This principle of nature, when it takes over, creates almost an effortless path in the direction one is headed. They appear to be sucked into a whirlpool spinning out of control.
It’s clear then that making the effort to form good habits will make a difference in the types of results you will eventually see in areas of your life. And yet, forming the habits is not as easy as you or others have fooled yourselves into believing, as you have no doubt noticed from the failed resolutions year after year.

So are you doomed for failure, forever?

Looking at those who have had major come backs and transformation in their lives, I believe you have figured out the answer to this question. And the next logical question is how did they make that change? According to Hill, there has to be a negative event such as “adversity, failure, defeat”, and I’ll add utter frustration that is great enough to cause you to want to make a change more than you can tolerate the circumstance. In Hill’s own words, “Failure breaks the grip of hypnotic rhythm and frees the mind for a fresh start.”
To expand on that a bit further, what happens is that people experiencing adversity, failure, defeat or extreme frustration, involuntarily create new programming which drive new sets of behaviors from their deepest subconscious levels. They become extremely focused and clear about what is important to them and begin to live their lives from that point of clarity. Clarity is key.

Yes, clarity is that other phenomenon.

Napoleon Hill refers to this as a ‘definiteness of purpose’ and Earl Nightingale, a ‘definite chief aim.’
To give you a couple examples of experiences that evoke major changes in people’s lives, you’ve probably heard about people involved in near death experiences such as being involved in a car crash or having a severe heart attack. Coming out of those experiences, these people have totally new sets of desires driven by new behaviors and actions for living their lives from that point onwards. They are clear and focused, and know what is important to them in their lives. These people do not need New Year’s resolutions to start living that kind of life. Their life begins at that moment and everything changes to accommodate their focus.

So what if you haven’t had such experiences?

For one, you have probably had more than enough of your fair share of failures, frustrations and disappointments. If they aren’t major enough to cause you to want a change beyond your current circumstance then an opportunity may not exist for you to have your resolution realized.
There is still hope and all is not lost at this point, however. No human condition is considered final until the person has accepted it as so. And, it will require firm discipline and much effort, and most importantly, clarity to begin to create the circumstance under which change becomes possible. If you are not first of all clear about what you want to achieve, then none of the other steps you are taking will matter. Your results will be scattered and frustrating. You will get more of the same and no amount of resolution will transform that.
In addition to clarity on the things that really matters most to you, diligence is required to create conscious new habits that will eventually be overtaken by nature in as much as the old habits were. An alertness and conscious monitoring of the presence of old habits creeping in is required and persistent vigilance in taking back the power over those old habits is needed. Quite likely too, some of the things you have been resolving to achieve do not really matter to you on a deeper level and you may be completely oblivious to that fact. A lack of awareness may also be a cause of repeated failure in succeeding.

Why is clarity so important?

Even if you have affirmations, vision boards, positive thinking and visualization, all of which are completely great, if there is no connection to your internal guide which provides your clarity in what is really important to you in your life, you will never manifest those things that you are wishing for. They may be out of alignment with your true internal guide and hence you lack clarity. You first need to be clear before anything can be realized. Have you been wishing, dreaming, saying affirmations, enjoining positive thinking and visualizing with no results? Then you may not be totally clear about what is important to you at your deepest level. When clarity exists in your life, your life will take on a completely new view and things begin to show up for you such as never before.

So how can you be clear?

One sure way of being clear is to discover your passions. They are not accident. They were given to you by the Divine for you to fulfill your purpose here. Your purpose is the intersection of your passion with what people in the world needs. This will bring you complete happiness.
The Passion Test is the number one test designed to help you identify your passions. It helps you to create clarity and focus and you learn a secret to fulfilling anything you want in your life. If you desire to give your New Years’ resolution a greater chance of being fulfilled then visit here to book a consultation for a passion test session or to view resources. In the end, it is still up to you to get into action, and the one thing you will have for sure is the clarity you need to move you forward with everything else in your life.
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