How I Instantly Relieved Stress and Overwhelm in My Life and Business-Part 2

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By: Dr. Gwen Smith

In Part 1 we talked about how your view of time can help to significantly reduce your stress and feelings of overwhelm.
Now let’s look at another approach to helping you align your life for internal and external consistency. It’s only from this approach that you will likely experience the process of prioritizing your tasks in a manner that excites you, increases your productivity and has you enjoying the process as you build profits in your business and life.
Reasons Entrepreneurs Don’t Achieve Optimum Efficiency, And As A Result, Create Stress and Shortage in Profits. 

  1. Fragmented activities
  2. Lack of clear priorities
  3. Taking it all on without leveraging

People genuinely struggle with all three of these because they are not quite clear about the questions to ask to stop the fragmentation. This leads to mis-matched priorities. I know, because I’ve been one who struggled.
Fortunately, as I am living proof to show, your clear priorities can be easily deciphered with some focused time and attention . But to ease the fragmentation, you must start with a clear understanding of who you are as an individual, what your challenges and tendencies are and what you love.
It’s only then that you can begin a gameplan to create habits of success through repetition, once you’ve clearly identified your priorities. The absence of this is one reason many business owners continue to create stress in their lives without even realizing it.
By following some clear steps and guidance, you can get to the place where your priorities are so clearly aligned that you can guarantee that you’ll take control of your daily tasks, increase productivity, and avoid overwhelm, to achieve your goals and objectives.
The amazing part is that you can do this, all without sacrificing the people and things that you love.
There is a free guide that will walk you through the three reasons above, along with questions to ask and steps to take. It’s complete with templates and instructions, to help you set your priorities.

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Sorting Your Activities to Determine Priorities
Setting your priorities each day is an important part of eliminating stress and overwhelm. There are competing opportunities and schedules that you face from day to day. Setting your priorities require that you know precisely what fits into each of the categories below

Urgent and Important—Don’t operate in this box out of habit. You’ll be stressed. Delegate if possible
Not Urgent and Important—This is where you want to operate from for most of your life. Schedule these items on your calendar and make them happen
Urgent and Not important—These items you can definitely delegate. You don’t want to be operating in the urgent column for too long
Not urgent and Not important—You want to definitely ignore these things as much as possible

Figure 1. Eisenhower Matrix

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