Business is not for the faint of heart for sure. You need grit, love or passion for the product or service and sheer determination to plow through all the challenges that inevitably will test you. If it were an easy ride, everyone would be business owners.

Yet having a successful business means so much more than making lots of money while enduring grudgery daily. It’s about completely loving what you do.

This doesn’t need to be experienced by a few.. There are clear steps to enjoying your profits and to certifying the likelihood of your fulfillment in earning side-income.

In recent articles we’ve discussed finding your passions to help you enjoy the profits that flow, be it monetary or otherwise. But once you find your passions, there’s more work to be done in order to experience profits or fulfillment. You must know how it fits with what’s needed in your environment,then do it.

A great question to ask is “How can I identify ideas, for projects, careers or businesses that I will feel inspired and called to do?” I’ll share a resource to help you with this later.

An increasing number of people are looking at other options to earning income due to the rising cost of commodities and increasing inflation, diminishing the buying power of the dollar.

Starting a business is a great way to bring in additional income. And, this business can be completely done on the side, alongside a career or other business, at home. Many people associate doing business at home with barely getting by..

But here’s a story that I experienced in 2010 that opened my eyes, and will open yours too

Being new to this, I attended an event with network marketers for an established company that I had joined. Top level marketers, passionate about what they did were on stage. Also on stage were three brick and mortar business owners (who had just joined the network marketing business.

All were being interviewed.  The interviewer first asked both groups about their overhead costs, employee expenses, inventory and net profits. Then he asked about the challenges that each experienced. This is what I learned:

Most revealing was that owning a brick and mortar business didn’t necessarily mean earning great money, even if things look booming from th eoutside. I discovered that not only did the brick and mortar business owners have high overhead expenses, they also had employee expenses and headaches in addition to inventory costs and thefts, that created a lot of challenges for them.

The brick and mortar businesses had annual net earnings of around $60,000 per year, whereas the network marketer had net income of a few million dollars that same year with comparatively negligible overhead, inventory or employee expenses and headaches. That caught my attention.

But wait! Before you misunderstand the point I’m making, consider this:

Just because the network marketers were doing better, doesn’t automaticlly mean that that is the choice for you. This is where a ton of people get in trouble, biting off more than they can chew. Network marketing is NOT for everyone, no matter what they tell you! While I believe that anyone can rise to expand and become anything they want, there is a path of least resistance for you, and it occurs where your passions and gifts lie.
Many people struggle at what they do, simpy because they fail to consider what they’re good at when pairing their passions with ideas to do business or to advance their careers..Don’t go hungry and deprived because you fail to honor your passions.

Research and introspection is necessary before even considering where to start. The value of business is in what the owner can provide to solve the problems of the clients they serve. But it should also be something the business owner completely enjoys as well. Setting up a business should be aligned with an area you are passionate about. Because when the challenges arise, you’ll still feel inspired to push through, or to go above and beyond, because you absolutely love what you do. .

Whether it’s brick and mortar, online, social or network marketing, there are enough opportunities for you to find something that you truly love, which can also solve an existing problem for others.

During one of my  Facebook Live recording, I shared some additional nuggets for you to consider if you find yourself wondering about what you can do as a side-income business to supplement or replace your income. But these ideas must be tested by you. Never by what appears to be the path of least resistance, only, though they may align and be the same thing.

To figure ideas that you can begin to consider requires setting a foundation to work from. I have a FREE guide for you that will walk you through some steps to arrive at multiple ideas for possibilities..

So what are you waiting for?

Download my Magic Money MatrixTM by clcking the button below and start mapping your path to increased clarity and possibilities for expanding your profits. .

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