This week I share a video that walks you through the process of creating your systems. There’s a resource at the end of the article that you can access that will provide the templates as well as the layout of what your plan will look like. Use the template to create operational manuals and systems to improve the efficiency and functionality of processes in your organization, business or home. 

If you’d like to create systems for an entire 12 months of content, you may book a session with Dr. Gwen here:, to learn more.

00:00-1:13: We’re Going To Be Talking About Systems.

1:13-02:22: And I Just Want To Also Add That If You’re An Entrepreneur And You Hire Virtual Assistants And You Hire Other People To Help You With Your Tasks, They Are Going To Absolutely Love You For This.

02:24-3:34: How Systems Can Help Service Entrepreneurs Who Are Putting Out Content And Organizing Stuff. I Have A System Where I’ve Outlined All Of My Content For 12 Months, So I Never Have To Worry About what I’m Going To Talk About This Month Or The next Month.

06:46-04-46: How Can A System Help You?

08:46-09:58: Where to start

11:07-12:21: Next steps, in creating systems

15:34-16:34: Making your system clear so others can use it

17:42-18:42: Adding other important features to the system to facilitate assessment and measuring.

18:42-19:56: Setting the measures.

22:30-23:60: Completing your strategic planning tool.

Download a FREE step-by-step template guide, below:


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