An Interview with Charles Nguyen, Financial Educator & Speaker

By: Dr. Gwen Smith


“Everyone has a dream and every dream has a price.”

Are you READY to realize your dreams, or will you be happy with it just remaining a dream?
I think the answer is very obvious as most people, if not all, want to fulfill their dreams, despite what that dream is. The reality is that those dreams often require resources in the form of money to fund.
Having the resources require a certain mindset and some strategies to help you to acquire them. Find out what you need and what to do about your mindset to supercharge the goals and dreams you have for your life.
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Here is the Summary of the Recording

People struggle with two things:

  1. Make a living
  2. Pursuing their dreams

Why can’t you have both? Listen here:
You have to have resources to help you pursue your dreams and you have to have purpose to allow you to enjoy your resources. Without the dreams you will be unhappy.
It’s critical to pursue your dreams not so much for achieving the dreams as it is because of who you become as a result of pursuing the dream.
Listen here for the resources you need to manage in order to pursuing your dreams. We hardly think about some of these, yet they are important:

  1. Mindset—How you think and what you believe in
  2. Emotions—inspiration and inner drive
  3. Body—How you take care of it (performance depends on how you take care of your body)
  4. Money—will hinder or accelerate progress depending on whether there is enough or not
  5. Network—Who you surround yourself with

To accelerate your dreams there are three key elements called the WIN Method:

  • W—Wisdom (knowing how to use the knowledge in the right order so you can get the maximum results
  • I—Inspiration (this makes the difference with whether or not you progress. What inspires you? This comes from something beyond yourself
  • N—Network, provides accountability and inspiration

Your Money Blue Print determines the level of success you will have with your dream being fulfilled. What is your money blueprint? Can this blueprint be changed?
The key to managing wealth
Your subconscious mind is key to acquiring and handling wealth

How Do You Manage Money?

Along the path to your dreams and goals here are some steps and questions to ask:

  1. Identify your dreams and goals—what do you want to be, to do and to have? Write that down
  2. What resources do I need to get there? Quantify and clarify this
  3. Explore your mindset, knowledge, time needed to get there and the network that you need to help you get there
  4. Schedule what you need to have scheduled to make it happen and generate a regular plan of action: daily, weekly or monthly to make it happen.
  5. Track to see how you are getting there: Quicken or Mint for Quickbooks(for business)

Treat your dreams like you are running a business; track it so you can see your progress. Mint will help you keep track on what you are spending so you can see where your money is leaking.
How to handle not having enough money to pay for your dreams?
How can you acquire wealth on your journey to making a difference in the world?
Your network is really important to your success and growth. How do you identify your network?
Shifting your mindset: Charles talks about how to deal with shifting your mindset.

Charles empowers families with Financial Education, Tools & Resources to be debt free and financially free. His College Planning Mentor education and guidance helps families get $25,000 to over $75,000 of Free Money for Colleges in the US, regardless of income or assets.
Charles can be reached at , currently under construction, and for college funding go here: His phone number is 949-357-9882.

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