When I came to Dr. Gwen I was working on coming out of a depressive state. I had been feeling withdrawn and full of anxiety. I lacked the passion, motivation and discipline to accomplish the tasks and goals I had set for myself. I had been battling this for about 4 years. The 1st two years, I labeled it as being lazy because I was dealing with the pressures of my father’s declining health. After his transition in December of 2019 and then covid related changes in 2020, I really began to accept what I was truly dealing with. In December of 2021, Dr. Gwen began a series of energy clearing sessions. I began to feel lighter and free. My childlike giddiness began to resurface. There was an eagerness to “get back to work.” I felt inspired and could feel my creativity rising. I began to work on my goals with a passion and had a clear focus of how I wanted to tackle them. I feel AMAZING! Thank you, Dr. Gwen. Your knowledge, passion and ancestral guidance is powerful!

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