Before my sessions, I struggled for most of my life with depression , anger issues. My kids, 4 and 17, who also had sessions, struggled with resentment, anger, hyperactivity, clinginess, and shyness.

My first session was emotional as it brought up many traumatic experiences and feelings I had buried. The day after my session I noticed an immediate change– during the night I had vivid dreams and upon waking up I felt lighter. The emotions I felt towards those memories weren’t there anymore, like a void, but a great void.

My anger issue changed immediately, I noticed I dealt with confrontation in a completely different manner than before. A very specific experience was when “shame” was covered during a session. 16 emotions were released tied to “shame”- SIXTEEEN!! Imagine thinking I feel one particular way and finding out there were so many other emotions tied to that one feeling!

No wonder we feel confused sometimes!

I found this so interesting because I would not have acknowledged that I was traumatically holding on to shame. But my subconscious made it known. This session covered so many traumatic experiences I have for years brushed under the rug and talked myself through if triggered.

I can honestly say I had one last cry and goodbye to how those experiences affected me. It felt as if I gave myself and my feelings validation. I gave myself permission to never feel that hurt again. It felt healing.

My son, 17 dealt with resentment towards his sister being born. It had been concerning for me at times the way he would react towards her. Within a few days of his session, I noticed he was more attentive and caring towards his sister and his results continue to grow. This is how I have always wanted their relationship to be. Not with competition, but acknowledgement and loving interaction with each other.

My daughter, 4, does not have as many tantrums when she does get beside herself. We have implemented a way she can calm down and we are able to honestly speak, with her sharing her feelings.

Our days are more balanced to where she can spend alone time, instead of needing my attention constantly throughout the day. Which drained me and honestly created an imbalance as an individual, mother, and sole provider.

I look at her in a different beautiful light. It has been a few weeks since my last session and I can honestly see a huge transition in my relationship with and between my children, with others, and most importantly, with myself.

Through the sessions and Dr. Gwen’s guidance, I have become more aware of when I feel an emotion and what the real trigger under THAT actual emotion is. I now address it in a healthier way. I’ve been given a hands-on experience of what “letting go” or “releasing” is and what that can look like for me as I continue to walk through life.

It’s been so empowering to understand what kept me from seeing my true value as a person, mother, woman; and not knowing how to see that in myself, and for others to see that value in me as well.

These emotional releases have given me greater insight into myself. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Gwen.

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