We all have a need to succeed, yet the statistics stack up against most. Data shows that in general only 5% of people succeed to the desired level they want in their lives. What are the 95% lacking?

Entrepreneurs start businesses to serve others with their products or services, to enjoy the process while growing their profits, working towards a fulfilling and free life. Yet, many don’t reach this threshold. The failure rate for businesses after 5 years of being established, is still staggering, though declining.

Why some businesses fail and others succeed is not only based on the 20% skills and abilities needed to be successful. Yet, this is where most entrepreneurs continue to invest their time and money. Failure is more so a result of ignoring the spirit of success; that 80% which enhances everything they do. It’s not just about mindset.  

You may have found yourself in this trend. You invest in coursework that builds your skills, and maybe provide some mindset and empowerment training. And later you fail to achieve the success you thought you would have when you bought the course. What went wrong? You likely had just a piece of the puzzle.  There are many more elements to success.

We’ve been discussing pieces of the puzzle to help you succeed. This series is about alignment, and in particular, with this article, the spirit of success needed. This is a spiritual and scientific principle, not a religious one, embraced by quantum physicists. Spirit is energy and energy is spirit. You are energy and you are able to connect with spirit when you focus internally, intently. Doing this often opens the channel for you to become in alignment with your core self.

How can you succeed if you don’t know who you are, or what you want? It’s impossible. It has to begin with the spirit of success. Connecting internally to listen and tune in. When you do this, all sorts of amazing discoveries and revelations come through to guide you in your areas of concern.

It is there too, that you discover what your greatest passions and desires are. Learning this will fuel your alignment to come into rapport with yourself and for what you are about. You’re only able to discover this by connecting with the energy or spirit within, which guides you to your discoveries.

Being in self-rapport allows everything to flow and also connects you to your inner being, to others and your surroundings. You’ll receive increased intuition about what to do with challenges or roadblocks, or where to go to find resources that you need. You’ll even have insights about what to do to expand your business. Connecting allows you to see opportunities for expansion in every aspect of life, including in your relationships. But if you lack the spirit of success which fuels your alignment, the result is often confusion and paralysis.

I’ve had the joy of leading many people through this pathway to success. It’s quite exhilarating.
I’d like to give you a simple step-by-step process that will help you to connect with your spirit of success. It requires purposeful, focused intention and complete relaxation of your body. It’s a meditation—listening for the voice of your spirit of success. When you follow the exercise you may feel a joyful tingling throughout your body which feels uplifting and amazing. Be with it.

Perhaps you won’t notice an effect immediately, or at all. The entire goal is to do this daily, at least in the morning when you wake up, but preferably also at nights before you retire. All you need is 15 minutes of focused, quiet time.

Click here to download the exercise for free. No information required.

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