By: Dr.Gwen Smith
Knowing what you plan to achieve each day helps to improve your level of productivity daily. A perfect way of doing this is to write your goals before your week starts, for each day. I literally create my goals at the end of each week for the upcoming week. I sometimes move the items around, however, I’ll do that only once or twice at most so I can remain true to the items I planned to fulfill on during that particular week. Moving your items around too many times can really throw you off-schedule towards achieving your goals.
Once you set your goals, time-blocking is an excellent way to achieve them especially if your day is relatively fixed with little unplanned events that could throw you off schedule. I find that depending on the type of business I am doing, time blocking may or may not work for me. For example, when I worked as a school administrator, it was literally impossible to follow a time-blocked schedule. Inevitably a teacher parent or student activity would be interjected in the middle of my day, totally throwing off whatever I had planned for that hour of the day. In these types of circumstances, when your day is not typically consistent (with lots of possible interruptions), making a list of the top five to ten items you’d like to tackle and working on them first thing in the day is a more effective way to get stuff done. This could mean getting started before anyone else on your job shows up.
Whether it is time-blocking or tackling your top items for the day, you will want to turn off cell phones and avoid emails, phone calls and social media platforms, in order to stay focused.


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