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By: Dr. Gwen Smith


I’ve been really taking it easy and being quite laid back, mentally, after being forced to do so physically. A tiny clot passing through my brain resulted in a stroke which left my arm and leg on the left side slightly incapacitated. I’m doing fine and I am completely at peace and optimistic about the future.


At first while it was in progress, I really had no idea what was happening as none of the symptoms that I was told of could be easily identified. I could walk and raise my hand, only that they had become very heavy. I had even gone to urgent care at a Right Time facility near me, only to have the doctor tell me that he could “rule out a stroke because my pressure, though elevated, was not in the stroke range of 220/120.”


Other possible signs I’ve been told of is that: I’m not able to raise my hand above my head, I could, though my arms were heavy and if relaxed it would fall; I’m not able to smile, I could; that my speech would be slurred, mine wasn’t; that I would be confused, I wasn’t; that my face would droop, mine didn’t. So none of the ‘real’ signs checked out for me.


Having now had a stroke myself, I will modify the symptoms to add, from my own experience, that heaviness in the limbs is an additional sign to look for.


I’m well on my way to full recovery and feel very confident about what the end results will be. This experience has shown me some new discoveries about myself, and some of the resulting effects have resurrected a phobia I’ve known I had for decades now, but which I’ve always prior to now, found a way to avoid.


Not this time, however. And the experience was quite revealing and enlightening and created tremendous empathy within me for those who go through similar experiences often. I can truly say that the experience has helped me to best work with the clients I’m here to serve; that is, those who let fears, phobias, limiting beliefs and other experiences stop them from their greatness.


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In the end, its really important that you find and do what you love to make a contribution to humanity. Life is uncertain, and the only thing that will give you lasting peace at the end is that you did all you feel you were sent here to do. You’re not just here to work and pay bills and stress and then die. You are here to be happy and you’ll find your peace and happiness by using your incredible gifts to serve others.


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