By: Dr. Gwen Smith

It is a dream that is mutual, among millions of hopeful entrepreneurs to make money out of something they love. Probably, that is the primary rationale behind the thousands of new blogs created every single day.

An indescribable promise that relates to everybody

The liberty to live by your own schedule and earn thousands of dollars from your hobby is something that attracts many people. How many times have you encountered these easy moneymaking promises? Many times, right?
Why do smart individuals continue to fall for these promises? Simple, the notion of turning passion into something economically feasible is a mouth-watering offer. Be honest, how many programs and books have you purchased over the years covering this topic? If you have a library of these books and still have not reached your goals, do not give up or feel bad.

So what’s wrong with this promising venture?

With all of these recommendations being digested by a great percentage of eager folks, why then is this concept not working as expected?
If no one in reality was able to turn his or her passion or zeal into paychecks, then we may as well assume the worst. However, more than a small percentage has. Therefore, we know it is entirely possible. So, what then must be the problem causing this lack of success of unfulfilled dreams? What could it be?

Information overload creates lack of action

When you merge a burning desire with lack of clear and specific information and too many alternatives, people become paralyzed from the overload.  Trying to do everything in your mind simply guarantees that nothing will get done. In short, information overload, lacking clarity and specific direction leaves people in a state of wonderment without clarity, focus and action to achieve. Successful people follow a plan that keeps their mind where it needs to be and they seek out resources to enhance their goals and to stay in action.
Logically then, any approach which can really teach you how to utilize your passion, need to be fairly easy to apply, totally focused and guaranteed to work as long as you are in action. But this is where people get stopped: inaction. They choose convenience or feelings over their commitment to achieve. Successful people all have mentors and coaches, even the most accomplished ones. Personal guidance from life coaches can make this process even easier to achieve for you so you stay in action around what you are working to achieve.

Securing personal professional and business guidance

A personal professional or business coach will assist in assessing each aspect of your life and business including goals, mission, weaknesses, strengths, dreams and desires. And few will help you discover your passion to turn into a paycheck and possibly a long term business to replace your current income. Seek those enterprises that will not only help you to discover what’s important to you, but also will help you find your passion and unblock those areas of your life that is stopping you from achieving your dreams. Imagine interacting with your very own strategist to achieve your ambitions and dreams, and one that will give you the skills so you can continue on to the next level of your best self? With a coach, you engage the power of two minds, joining forces toward your balanced, designed path.
Professional, business and personal life coaching has surfaced as a powerful driving force for positive human change creating positive forces in people’s lives that impact the rest of humanity. Therefore, unlike the various marketing gimmicks available nowadays, a life coach can work personally with you to plot a game plan on how to turn your passion into paychecks.
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