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By: Dr. Gwen Smith


Have you ever noticed that you keep having the same experiences in life repeatedly? You seem to have the same relationships over the history of your life, but with different people. Or others seem to treat you the same way, no matter where you go or how much you are determined to have that experience change?


Have you ever had the experience of reviewing your life historical timeline to see what patterns emerge?


A year ago, I had the amazing experience to layout out my own historical timeline. Watch the video below to hear about what I discovered:



What do you do with this information?


Notice the patterns. See what comes up for you. What are the thoughts that you seem to have as a result of recording those experiences? Do you find those thoughts still governing your current experiences? Do they tend to hold you back or keep you stuck?


Are there self-limiting thoughts that show up for you have around this?


If you͛’re having self-limiting negative thoughts then you know how crippling this can be to making substantial progress in your life.


You are here to exude your greatness and your power, to evolve your experiences to grander heights, to lead the way and model for others, to revel in the here and now of life͛’s new experiences that the Divine brings to your path. You aren͛’t living it as long as you entertain thoughts of yourself that lower your vibration and results.


I͛’d like to support you in experiencing freedom from these thoughts to allow you to frolic in the beauty of your Divine experience.


Reach out now and schedule a clearing session to clear trapped energies and help you move forward in life and business.


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