By: Dr.Gwen Smith

If you have been struggling to overcome some challenge in your life and you have willed it away repeatedly, you no doubt have come to the conclusion that just having the will to get rid of your concern is insufficient. It takes something more. Now just in case you may be saying that you had the willpower to get rid of some personal challenge or hurdle you were facing, and that you did it using willpower, just give me a moment here to explain what actually happened and why you may not have even been aware of the process.
We have two parts of us that contribute to the choices we make about what we do or do not do daily: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind we would like to think, is what drives the show. That is the part we are most aware of and the part we think directs our actions for every step we take. The subconscious mind is more subtle and we are often not aware of its presence. It silently and almost stealthily directs the choices we end up making or the actions we end up doing, though they may be completely illogical some of the times. If the subconscious is programmed to acceptable norms, then we function in what appears to be a logical and rational way. However, past software can affect our performance.
Let’s look at an example: How many times have you decided that you would like to do something that may be outside of your comfort zone? In other words it is something that you have never done, or have not done often enough to feel comfortable about doing. Your conscious mind knows you want to do it, however, you are stuck, you cannot get started, you feel scared, you mark time, and sometimes you give up in total frustration over the fear of taking the next step? Have you ever considered why this was? Well, it was your subconscious mind that kept you there.
The way it works is like an iceberg: 10% is above the water and 90% is below. Though you can see the 10% and you may think that that is all to it, it is the 90% that really dominates the entire movement of the iceberg. Like an iceberg, your conscious mind houses 10% of your ability to act. This is where willpower, rationality and your ability to analyze exist. At first glance, willpower may occur to be in charge, but when you stop to think about it, our willpower as human beings, is influenced from certain states of our being: hunger, anger, loneliness, and tiredness. Any of these in any moment can alter our willpower. So it’s solely insufficient to bring about the changes we want to make in our lives because of these limitations.
The 90% on the other hand comes from our habits, past experiences, deeply embedded beliefs programmed over the years (whether personally or vicariously), our impulses which are influenced by the habits and other controls. This 90% will impact the 10% of what you believe is rational to do every time without you even being aware of it. This is why it is said that humans are not rationale. We do not, 100% of the times, operate from rationality. That 90% will halt every good thing that we are supposed to do and stops us, especially if we find ourselves in one of the states that weaken our willpower.
So, what is there to do? Is there hope? Obviously there are many people who have overcome enormous feats. And, it did not happen in that 10% area, regardless of what we think. So, how did they do it? They did it by disabling the mechanism that runs them and putting in a new programming to run the ship. Napoleon Hill along with many other authors have written about this principle. It involves reprogramming the subconscious mind by suggesting new ways of being in the face of various situations. Others refer to this as Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). NLP is an effective way to cause people to disappear old habits and ways of thinking that have kept them stuck for years. It is very effective and have been proven to help people break habits of health or danger to themselves–so does prayer, by the way.
People achieve break-through performances and eliminate old codes that were running their lives. Napoleon Hill refers to this as the Principle of Auto-Suggestion and some people are quite good at unwittingly installing these new programming themselves, or they rely on an external Power beyond who they are. This explains why some have overcome past obstacles without even being aware of what happened.
Others install these new codes as a result of their experience in traumatic events such as cancer, or a heart attack or an accident, etc. These life-changing events can cause people to be reprogrammed automatically and to start living their lives differently coming out on the other side of these experiences a new human being. I have seen it repeatedly, no doubt you have too.
If you would like to achieve breakthrough results from something that has been holding you back, you can do this with NLP. For a consultation you can go here to set a 15-minute appointment or you can call our office at 888.315.6766 or send an email to, and in the subject line enter: Free NLP Consultation.
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