By: Dr. Gwen Smith

Success is the deepest fulfillment you get from achieving a goal. People define money as success, however, there are so many who have lots of it who feel hopeless. This cannot be success and each person will know it when they’ve achieved it.

It first comes with knowing who you are. And who you are may not be a definition you or anyone else have created.

Have you defined who you are? People tend to do that in their lives and most of the times they use a definition that stops them from achieving bigger things because that definition has put a limit on what they think they can do.

Though I know that what you define yourself to be is not the fullest part of who you truly are and is typically self-limiting, there is nevertheless an essence to you that gives you a signal and direction about what your calling is and the roles you should be fulfilling in life, which will cause you to be the happiest.

By virtue of following that inner essence, you also have the right to define your own successes. It may not satisfy anyone else’s standards, yet it will truly increase your happiness. But you first have to be clear about what that calling is.

Having clarity about what you are called to do will give you the deepest fulfillment in your life. You may often find yourself running from place to place, trying to find success, and yet not finding it.

But being clear will set you up for greater success and help you to even identify that success when you’ve attained it. You wont need to run from place to place any longer.

So I’d like to ask you: Have you found success? Or, better yet do you know how to achieve it once you’ve become clear about what you need to do?

What have you defined your success to be? It too requires clarity so you can really know when you have achieved it.

Listen to me talk about defining your success and some ways to achieve it on one of my latest Facebook Live events.

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