Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Practitioners, Maximize Time, Magnify Impact and Multiply Profits, Without Fear, Self-Doubt, or Hesitation That Keep You Stuck...

Spiritual Practitioners Who Feel Stuck in Confidently Delivering Their Purpose to the World, And Have Peace and Fulfillment...

Our coaching follows: The Peace Power Profits® Method: which is a unique, integrative, system designed for you, the spiritual entrepreneur, leader, and practitioner who desire to double your quality time while increasing your business or personal profits. to get faster results, while conquering self-doubt, fear and hesitation that keep you stuck. 

Integrating the spiritual with the practical, creates less friction in the energy field, resulting in lightening-speed progress.

After teaching and coaching for more than 25 years, I’ve seen the challenges that people typically encounter while on their transformation journey. Many give up, all too often, because they lack the spiritual insights that could support them in achieving the success they're after. 

An integrative approach (combining the spiritual with the physical), is the easiest and fastest way to work towards .achieving your goals.

Clearing unwanted energies cause your goals to be easier to achieve.

My spiritual life coaching became much more impactful when I introduced shamanic tools with energy healing as a part of the actual coaching process.  Integrating energy work and spiritual tools can help expedite your success. The end result is that you eliminate intense struggle and move more effortlessly towards your goals and dreams. 

You don’t achieve what you want because you're not energetically aligned to it, so you stay stuck!

Clearing unwanted energies makes achieving your goals easier.

My spiritual life coaching became more impactful when I introduced energy healing and shamanic tools as a part of the actual coaching process.  Integrating energy work and shamanic tools facilitate removal of energies that block success. The end result is that you move more gracefully towards your goals without struggle and self-limitations, which in themselves are blocks to the very dreams and goals you're trying to achieve. 

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