By: Dr. Gwen Smith

Having pin-pointed your passion, chances are you now have a long-term business venture in mind which no doubt is something that you would love to spend every day, perhaps the rest of your life doing. This may possibly raise some questions of anxiety about whether or not you can be successful launching your ideas online.


In our last article, we discussed affiliate marketing and presented that it is an excellent way to market other people’s products as you build your own. There is another huge advantage, too, and this is that affiliate marketing allows you to learn the ropes with other products and niches, while protecting your “big idea”. This allows you to figure out what works and doesn’t work, and shortens your learning curve with regard to implementing your own product in the  online marketing community.


You, as well as everyone else, have something that you are impassioned about. Use the list of questions in my previous blog to help you make this discovery for yourself. You can turn this passion into a completely viable business that you can run from home, part time. In time, this business can replace what you are currently doing, if that is your desire, and can free up significant time and money to enjoy with your family and friends.  


Yet another advantage is that by marketing other products in line with your passion, your experience with the market, the niche and the products can often provide insights about what actually does or doesn’t work with your developing product, and this has distinct advantages for “testing” and tweaking your product. It is definitely a huge cost-saving factor as you don’t have to constantly develop and test your products which could be a large financial investment.


A high percentage of businesses (over 75% and perhaps even more online) do not survive beyond their first three years. Because of the low cost of entry, people move in and out without a solid plan or a good education. The lack of these often spells disaster or failure for businesses. Set a good plan, and start off in one niche and become comfortable with it. You possibly can find many different products in a particular niche. I don’t recommend spreading your niche to other areas, however, if you choose to do that, first become profitable in your current niche before doing that. Next, invest in a good education with people who have succeeded in this area who can show you the ropes. Quite fortunately, there are excellent programs that are available and you only need to be diligent about doing your homework and investigating to find one.


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