By: Dr. Gwen Smith


False ideas, false concepts and false beliefs are all wrapped up in our past. They form our perceptions about how we view our present lives and of our ability to achieve in the future. It is our past experiences, whether personal or vicarious, positive or negative, that give us grounds for the beliefs, ideas and concepts that we form. The danger in espousing the past is that those past experiences may not always serve us, and they often do not. With the tendency to latch on to the negative memories to help us avert past pains, the good that the past could provide us is often lost, and all we are left with is often a perpetuation of more unnecessary pain and giant hurdles that stop us from acting on what we desire and aspire to become.

Examine past experiences for “truth”

Challenges that people face in being stopped in their lives can just as soon be eliminated by examining those ideas, beliefs and false concepts they hang on to, to determine if they are really true. Being willing to explore their “truths” is a great place to start. The discovery from this exercise is quite shocking to those remaining open to the process. Because, what they often discover is that the past event was no truer today than they were when they were first created in their minds;, and that by continuously living their past in their future or present created not only a void but a huge setback in the progress of their own success in life. 

The meanings we create can create challenges too

 Equally damaging to our abilities, our self-esteem and our beliefs are the meanings we attach to those past experiences. We continuously perpetuate made-up meanings, until they occur as truths, and we relive them with each new experience or opportunity presented to us. This further thwarts our desires, confidence and ability to achieve our goals. Beyond this we even take on actions in support of the meanings we attach, as though our meanings were true. We act as though those words that were said to us, or those actions that were done to us, continue in our current experiences, and we don’t realize the extent to which these actions contribute to our frozen status in life.

My perception is NOT reality

“Our perceptions are realities”, we often say. To this I say, “Baloney!!” This, only with the disclaimer that unless they are empowering perceptions. Otherwise, we should not entertain them. We ought to encourage ourselves, our children, and those whom we influence to continuously challenge perceptions, in particular the ones that do not serve us in a positive way. Your perceptions are NOT reality unless you make them so. And, it is at that point of becoming your reality that you either become victorious or powerless and victim-like, depending on whether they are positive or negative. The negative perceptions further perpetuate your defeat keeping you nailed in place.

You have a choice in the matter

You may choose to challenge and rise above those negative perceptions; to replace them with positive ones that empower you. You may choose to question them and turn them inside out; to really see the extent to which you allow yourself to be limited by them. And, if they are elevating and empowering, embrace them all the way. Make up good perceptions that empower you, if you must make them up at all.

 Let go for your own good

By repeatedly accessing past words, actions or feelings, you perpetuate the meanings or stories you created and untruths about what actually happened and you project them into your future. This in turn affects what you do or believe that you can do in your present life. It’s a vicious cycle of fear-mongering that sabotages you and keeps you stuck. Realizing that those stories may not be true, or that though they may have happened in the past, they are not guaranteed to occur again, can evoke full-fledged freedom and power in your life if you let them go.

 Progress or growth will happen from your present actions only and not from the past voices still in your head

The voices from the past that you hear in your head that tell you that you can’t or that you are not good enough, or that you are not capable, are just that: from your past. They are not currently serving you. They are not true! Letting the past run your present life will keep your results stuck in the past. There is no progress or advancement that’s possible in your life living it from the vantage point of the past. The past is gone. It is a saboteur of your fulfillment of what is possible for you. The only possibility for moving forward exists in your present actions. You must take actions in this present moment to impact your future and to rewrite your past. Otherwise you are perpetually stuck with your past and the old results. 

 Let go of the false beliefs, ideas, false concepts and perceptions that you have created in your minds. Create goals from your passion that shatter the limitations you have placed on yourself based upon those old beliefs. Plunge forward freely and completely unencumbered into action in this present moment and rewrite your past to create a future that you can look forward to.

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