By: Dr. Gwen Smith

As a business owner or professional, your life is a flurry of activity, often leaving you strapped for time to take care of the things that are truly important in your life. This may be starting a side business, writing a book or taking on an invention/project that will make a difference for others in their lives. You find yourself caught in the ‘busy-lifestyle-with-limited-time’ syndrome.

It’s a place I feel that we’ve mostly all been to before. It’s certainly not a permanent place to remain trapped, however, stuck in a perpetual procrastination bubble without hope. Far too many are waiting for the ‘right time’ to accomplish their important life goals, while weeks turn into years and even decades..
And with each passing day, that ‘right time’, never seems to come and goals get continually pushed further behind, until, for too many, they become faded memories; never to be fulfilled. It’s no wonder that so many cannot find happiness and fulfillment that’s so achievable, had they only accomplished their dearest dreams.
Fortunately, for those who are willing, the situation can be turned around, and before they know it, they too can have their once time-trapped dreams fulfilled.
The pervasive problem that I find which many need to overcome, is the all-or nothing approach that leaves them crying that they’re too busy. They are sucked into a whirlwind of unimportant tasks that leave them drained. Believe me, I know what busyness is. Having raised three children, held down a full time demanding leadership position and completed a masters and a doctorate degree, a little at a time. I didn’t even sacrifice my kids, and I’m certainly not supermom. It all happened incrementally.
Too many feel as though huge blocks of time must appear in their schedules for them to even begin their goals and dreams. But blocks of time keep evading them, and so they continue in a state of hopelessness and destitution as far as fulfillment of their dreams are concerned, touting themselves to be too busy to achieve it. This leaves them mostly unhappy and unfulfilled. Research does bear out the correlation between living your deepest dreams and happiness.
Even more disheartening than dreams on a shelf is the sadness experienced by the thought that too many go to their graves with their dreams and ideas buried. This robs the rest of humanity of the legacy and impact that could have been left behind.
With the all or nothing approach to tackling tasks, more time may never come, and you run the risk of losing focus and momentum with onsetting beliefs that it’s no longer possible. Luckily, there are ways to work around these types of situations if you’re open and willing to trying them. They’ve repeatedly worked for me. .
I’ve some simple ways to work around this situation that has worked wonders for me iin achieving massive goals.
Having an unwillingness to let your dream die is a great place to start. You must have a passion for what you want to achieve. Commitment and integrity to stick with what you want is also important.
Assuming that this is your foundation, there are three additional steps that will be sure to bring you the success you’re needing:

  1. Clearly identify your goal, ensuring that it’s SPECIFIC, you have ACTION-ORIENTED steps (strategies) built in, you can MEASURE your progress along the way and you have a clear TIME-FRAME in which this goal will be achieved
  2. Take each of the ACTION-Oriented steps and place them chronologically in your calendar and follow them consistently as planned
  3. Recognize that scheduling huge blocks of time to complete your work may give you a sense of satisfaction and great progress, however if that is not your reality, smaller chunks of CONSISTENT time will win the race

A tracking system can also help you to identify how you are progressing on your goals.
A major hindrance to doing projects in smaller spurts of time can be the interruption it brings to your focus and the re-focusing necessary to continue the project the next time. However, with careful monitoring of the way you use your time, you may be able to open up even more time. 
As a caveat I’m quite aware that some projects may require larger chunks of time due to their nature. Before you lock yourself into this thought however, or into an identity crisis of “I’m just the type of person who needs longer blocks of time”, try this simple tip to help you reconnect more quickly with where you left off when working with smaller blocks of time:
Just before stopping make a note of where you stopped, page number if needed, the closing thoughts you had and the next logical step  or anything else that you feel will help you  refocus your attention to continue.
Understanding that most major projects did not occur with one massive effort, but rather, with incremental steps along the way, will also help you to to adjust your expectations about the process and results..
Yes, I do acknowledge from personal experience that it can feel like a hassle to just do 15 or 20 minutes each day, but you mustn’t lose sight of the fact that those 15  to 20 minutes over 365 days total 91 hours at a minimum! That’s the equivalent of dedicating 3 solid hours for seven days per week for one full month to a project.
A lot of things can get done in that amount of dedicated time!
If you are having trouble simply staying on task doing what you planned, I have a neat FREE tool that you can download that will help you to track your progress so you can be completely aware of your timeline towards achieving your goal. You can download it below.

Download your FREE tracking tool by clicking the button below.

Remember getting results is what you want. If you look at your entire circumstance and keep thinking that you’re going to wait until you have time, that time may never come. You have to be intentional about making it happen even for just a few minutes daily. Consistently following the schedule will help you win the race.
Put an end to your procrastinating and start getting results now.

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